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Graduation_Study Language


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Graduation_Study Language

  1. 1. ' '.. / lar sl.!l I :.. s s2 Jco+glatrb 01c863 This is to celtify that : Mr./ Abdellatif Ahmed Saifeldin Mohamed Donia Graduated from the Faculty of Science / Assiut Univelsity in and was awarded the Degree 9f Bachelor of Science in Geology General Grade is (Good) Accurnulative Total ( 6753 ) , percentags 7l'46{yo of the Grand Accumulative Total ( 9450 ) Date of the Facultys Council approval : 101712004 Date of the Universitys Council approval ' 25/712004 TD: 28205201401211 June 2004 Reeistel'er / ), f/*til'rf co do--K ERTIFICATE A 1^:,j$nere-s s - E) ' lellt l)<t1ProlDr.Hassan Mohamed Hassan EL-Hawary +4
  2. 2. ASSIUT UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SCIENCE Assiut A.R. (EGYPT) To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This is to cerlify that:Abdellatif Ahmed Mohamed Donia was graduated from our faculty of Science 2004 and all his courses were conducted in the English Language. Saifeldin : (Geology) in June NU!. i--l YA ;lf d.-r^ q-;-J 'i.:irr -fl:.r:', z)t?// rc /{, 2,;a @l par. qSggp 4iiJB ;jljJ r*!rj.!.! l.J,ai.ilJt $.r$JlJ srnr.dil -iir *t.ul Resistrar a"itl-'t' t:4' rql tllto