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Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for Video Marketing & PR Pros


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Multimedia presentation packed with 2012 advice for video marketing and public relations professionals

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Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for Video Marketing & PR Pros

  1. 1. “ Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Video Marketing & PR Pros”
  2. 2. I will embrace online and mobile - but will not forget about TV. <ul><li>A funny thing happened while everyone was jumping on the &quot;TV Is Dead: Online or Bust&quot; bandwagon. Television became more useful to marketers because audiences formed slightly smaller—but still very large—clusters of more narrowly defined viewers (thank you, cable). These consumers were also easier to reach for “paid media” and “earned media” types because rates dropped and there were more news outlets than ever before. The result is that online is hot, mobile is hotter and TV keeps on getting better. To maximize video ROI, consider how you can deploy it on multiple platforms before the camera rolls. As Nielsen recently put it: “Cross Platform is the New Norm .” </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers 2012 Resolution #1
  3. 3. <ul><li>Cool cats, dumb dogs, cute kids, fracture-less falls and irreverent fruit are all funny. Most corporate or association messages are not. Don't try to be Mel Brooks when Don Hewitt works better and the only thing you need to do is tell your story in a way that resonates with your target audience. Of course, if a bit of comedy is appropriate for your brand and message, give it a shot. As Carlsberg demonstrates with this video, the key is to know your audience . </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will not try to be funny—unless it makes sense for my industry, brand and message. 2012 Resolution #2
  4. 4. <ul><li>This will NOT include “going viral” or “creating buzz.” Going viral happens when you create enough buzz and buzz happens when you go viral. They’re both great, but are not realistic, measurable goals. If you want to generate a great return on your investment in video, be sure to focus on the desired BUSINESS and communications outcome. These can include metrics like clicks, calls, views, comments, Likes, Tweets, shares—and inevitably, revenue. This is the only way to get your CFO and other decision makers to believe in—and invest in—visual storytelling.  </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will identify specific desired outcomes for each video campaign. 2012 Resolution #3
  5. 5. <ul><li>Because video is new for many marketers, this is the area they often need help with. Establishing metrics doesn't need to be complicated. First, determine the proper ROI outcome you’d like to see, and then work backwards. Identify several specific metrics that support your key communications and business goals. These may include # of FB Likes, # of blog embeds, # of views, # of clicks, % increase in traffic/sales/calls/awareness/print or broadcast pick-up, etc. Then determine the individual and aggregate thresholds to achieve proper return. </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will establish specific metrics for each desired outcome on each platform. 2012 Resolution #4
  6. 6. <ul><li>Tell your story with images that educate and inspire so that you can truly leverage the power of video. Show products, manufacturing plants, community activity, client endorsements and more. You may occasionally use talking heads to establish trust, but strike a balance between on-screen and voiceover with cuts to broll. Video is not photography with sound, though that works every now and then. </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will remember that video should be visual and do my best to minimize talking heads. 2012 Resolution #5
  7. 7. <ul><li>Content isn't really king. Your brand, company, message and mission are the real kings in your organization and should be honored, protected and respected. First, that brand story has to be noticed, understood and embraced by the people in the kingdom (customers, employees, investors, partners and others). That's where content comes in. So why do so many professionals compromise on video production? They think it'll save money, but it will actually cost more in tarnished reputations, missed opportunities and perhaps worst of all—indifference or ridicule. My neighbor, the banker, can buy professional surgical equipment on the web, but he's not about to remove my tonsils. Do it right. </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will stop paying lip service to “Content Is King” and rely on professionals to tell my stories. 2012 Resolution #6
  8. 8. <ul><li>We're not documenting the secret formula for Coca-Cola. We're selling—I mean marketing, or if you prefer, educating—our constituents’ ideas, products, initiatives, stocks and more. Unless you have a reason to password protect your video (and there are several), you should enable and encourage sharing and commenting to facilitate advocacy by your supporters. Your detractors will inevitably find a way to detract, so you might as well arm your supporters with content they can share. </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will use a social media player. 2012 Resolution #7
  9. 9. <ul><li>Video search engine optimization is the science of making your content more likely to show up in organic search returns. Video is already favorably weighted by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others—but there are several things that will enhance the likelihood of page-one rankings. Great video without SEO is like a suit without a tie, a song without lyrics or a house without insurance. You sometimes get away with it, but why risk it? Seriously, VSEO, is an inexpensive, prudent way to stack the deck in your favor. More on video search engine optimization for marketers here: VSEO white paper . </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will help myself by using basic SEO tactics. 2012 Resolution #8
  10. 10. <ul><li>This strategy may have worked for Kevin Costner in a Hollywood movie about a “ Field of Dreams ,” but as business people, we have no right to dream unless we have properly seeded the field. This includes a solid distribution plan that goes beyond SEO and includes earned, paid, shared and owned media. Paid media—including performance-based incentives to Like, Share, View, etc.—are helpful to spark a campaign. But earned media—including blogger and other key influencer outreach—is required for ongoing success. Cover your bases and use both in tandem. </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will not build it and expect them to come. 2012 Resolution #9
  11. 11. <ul><li>Online video still feels like the early pioneering days back in 1996 when businesses were realizing they needed a site on the information superhighway, but weren't sure what to do with it. It also feels similar to the early days of blogging in 2005 when a few thought leaders jumped in, but most questioned the benefit and risks. If you wait for all of the research, data and conventional wise men and women to create a roadmap sprinkled with case studies, then those case studies will probably be about your competitors. Don't be sloppy, analyze potential outcomes, establish metrics and step outside of your comfort zone. Would you rather be safe now or sorry later? </li></ul>2012 Resolutions for Video Marketers I will experiment. 2012 Resolution #10
  12. 12. Please visit the Social Video channel on for more Video Views You Can Use or contact Larry Thomas ( [email_address] ) for more information. Thanks! Happy 2012! &