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How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes
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How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes


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How to fix Mac LAG Spikes

This presentation provides you information on how to fix Mac LAG Spikes.

Disable Size Calculations:

If you have bigger list of folders in any directory, size calculation checks each file which normally takes 15-20 percent of CPU to generate these sizes. It means that you can save 15-20 % of CPU just by disabling Size Calculations. Follow the instructions given below to disable Size Calculation.

1. Open Finder Window | Click on View menu | View Options
2. Uncheck “Calculate all Sizes”

Disable Thumbnails:

Disabling thumbnail won’t directly improve MAC LAG Spikes but it would certainly improve rendering time. To disable thumbnails, follow the steps given below.

1. Open Finder Windows just like you did in Disabling Size Calculations.
2. Click on View menu | Select View Options
3. Uncheck Show Icon Preview

Remove Login Items:

Removing login items would improve boot time by reducing number of applications on startup. This would improve MAC LAG Spikes by reducing number of processes and system resources. Follow the steps given below to Remove Login Items.

1. Click on System Preferences
2. Go to Accounts
3. Select Login Items
4. Remove all unwanted items from here.

Free Up Disk Space

Mac Lag Spikes can be due to presence of junk data on your hard disk. Free up disk space, here are instructions.

1. Open iTunes and remove unwanted music and podcasts
2. Open iPhoto and remove unwanted photos.
3. Empty your trash
4. Go to ~Library/Safari and remove Folder icon.
5. Go to ~/Library/Caches and remove anything you haven’t installed. Repeat this process for ~/Library/Preferences.
6. Go to ~/Pictures/iChat Icons/ and remove unnecessary items.

Update MAC:

If you are running outdated build it would result in Mac Lag Spikes. Choose latest build, it would help improving performance and stability of machine.

Check for Updates:

Mac Lag Spikes can be due to outdated apps and drivers. Below is given procedure to update things.

1. Click on Apple | Select Software Update
2. Check whether MAC update is available or not.

Quit unused apps:

If you are MAC user, you might be in habit to leave apps open which are not currently in use. These apps are consuming your RAM; quitting unused apps would improve MAC Lag Spikes.

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How To Fix Mac LAG Spikes

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