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Full immersion Russian language communication skills courses – in the European Union!

The project "Learn Russian in the EU" gives you a unique chance to attend intensive Russian language course and experience a total language immersion in the territory of European Union.

Training Centre LatInSoft works in Daugavpils – a Russian linguistic enclave, "the most Russian" town of Latvia, and, presumably, of the entire European Union and NATO. In Daugavpils Russian language is the language of everyday communication.

Training Centre LatInSoft offers a selection of training programs: Basic Russian, Russian for professional communication, refresher courses for Russian language teachers.

We specialize in providing tailored communication skills courses for individuals or very small groups. We always design a specific course for each particular individual student or a group of students in order to comply with skills level, training objectives, wishes, preferences, and budget of every customer. That is why our courses are very efficient and fun.

Our course may be tailored according to NATO STANAG 6001 standard or USA Interagency Roundtable Standard requirements. We have successful experience in preparing our students for DLPT Russian tests.

Classes are usually supported by home-stay with a Russian-speaking family, excursions and social events.

High teaching quality, exciting social program, home-stay in Russian families, nice and comfortable town – this is what we are proud to offer to our students.

We inherited a remarkable ethnical, confessional, cultural diversity. The largest historical communities – Russian, Latvian, Latgalian, Jewish, Polish, Byelorussian, Gypsy – have been living here for ages. Cultures, traditions, languages of these nations are deep inside life of the town and life of many families. Cultural environment here is just unique!

Daugavpils is the hometown of Mark Rothko. World famous abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko (Marcus Rothkowitz) was born in Dvinsk (now – Daugavpils) in 1903. Here he spent his childhood and first school years before the family immigrated to the USA in 1913.

Please contact us, and we will give you any further information about our courses.

See you in "Learn Russian in the EU"!

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Learn Russian in the European Union

  1. 1. Learn Russian in the EU Russian language and communication skills: Full immersion training opportunities in the territory of the European Union Sergey Simonov Chairman of the Management Board LatInSoft SIA Daugavpils, Latvia© 2009-2012, LatInSoft SIA. All rights reserved. www.learnrussianineu.com
  2. 2. Learn Russian in the EU Background Project CourseIntroduction and mission highlights details 2
  3. 3. Who we areLatInSoft SIA is a Latvian private company, specializing in businessmanagement software development, IT infrastructure solutions,professional training and vocational education: Founded in 1991, Daugavpils Member of BSA Latvia, LIKTA Training Center LatInSoft – state accredited education institution ISO 9001:2008 certified company 3
  4. 4. What we offerEssence of our project • Full immersion Russian language and communication skills proficiency improvement courses in the European UnionThe project features • The project takes advantage of the unique ethnical and cultural background of Daugavpils regionWe will highly appreciate your support • Please promote the project to government agencies, language schools, educational institutions, businesses, NGOs in your country 4
  5. 5. Learn Russian in the EU Background Project CourseIntroduction and mission highlights details 5
  6. 6. Unique place Daugavpils is a unique place – a Russian linguistic enclave at the territory of the European Union. Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, where  105 000 people live  53% of the population are ethnic Russians;  80% of the population speak Russian as their first language;  96% of the population speak Russian fluently;  Russian is the language of everyday communication. Daugavpils is "the most Russian" town in Latvia and in the entire European Union and NATO. 6
  7. 7. LatInSoft competences Business Professional software training, development skill improvement 7
  8. 8. Project mission Unique place – the most Russian Full immersion town in the EU Russian courses in the European Union LatInSoft training experience 8
  9. 9. Learn Russian in the EU Background Project CourseIntroduction and mission highlights details 9
  10. 10. Target customers Professionals and teams • Enhancing practical communication skills in Russian. Government training institutions • Full immersion language proficiency improvement and cultural training for officers and support personnel of foreign affairs, defense, customs, police. Businesses • Business communication and cultural training for successful relationships with Russian-speaking customers, suppliers and partners. Non-government organizations • Bridging East and West, cross-cultural network development. Universities and educational institutions • Full immersion intensive language practice for students and teachers, refresher courses for Russian language teachers. 10
  11. 11. Courses we offer Refresher courses for non- Russian for native Russian professional language teachers communication General Russian Course Individual one-to-one courses Fully-tailored project groups 11
  12. 12. Course tailoring Customer Training center Draft program development Customer application General proposal Program details negotiation Objectives, budget, specific requests Detailed program, cost finalized Study and social program finalized Individual goals and wishes Placement test, preliminary interviews, fine tuning Implementation monitoring Daily feedback from students Instant adjustments Exclusive program for each customer 12
  13. 13. Why Learn Russian in the EU?Our major advantages Russian-speaking environment High quality of teaching Enthusiastic teachers Course tailoring for each group Stay with a Russian-speaking host family 13
  14. 14. Why Learn Russian in the EU?Even better than in Russia Unique ethnical, cultural, religious diversity Comfort, service and safety of a European town No visas required for citizens of many countries 14
  15. 15. What our students say “I have worked with many different Russian language trainingprograms in Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia during the past eleven years.Your program is one of the very best I have seen. You and your staffhave superior organizational skills, constantly strove to make sure thatthe needs of each student were met, and provided our group withinteresting and supportive families. I was pleasantly surprised by the city of Daugavpils. Not only is itthoroughly “Russian” in character, the city is clean, friendly, and safe. Iwould strongly recommend your school and Daugavpils to anyone whoeither wants to begin learning Russian for the first time, or who wouldlike a true Russian immersion experience in order to perfect theirskills.” - Wayne M. 15
  16. 16. What our students say (continued) “I think if anyone wants to learn Russian language and at the sametime wants to live an unforgettable experience, then Daugavpils is theideal city! The school is a gem: the teachers are very competent, professionaland very attentive to the needs of the students and are ready to settleany questions of the student. Personally, I spent 3 weeks that I wouldcall - without exaggerating - memorable and I am sure that next year Iwill come back again.” - Piero Q. 16
  17. 17. Learn Russian in the EU Background ProjectIntroduction Course details and mission highlights 17
  18. 18. I. General Russian CourseFull immersion: versatile and creative classroom activities are reinforced by uniquehost family experience, excursions and out-of-class cultural program. Class levels Elementary, Pre-intermediate (A1-B1) Course length 1- 5 weeks Course tailoring The program is designed according to student’s language level, wishes and expectations. The course may be tailored according to TRKI, NATO STANAG 6001 standard or USA Interagency Roundtable Standard requirements, DLPT tests. Teachers • Language specialists • Native speakers as communication partners (for certain exercises) Out-of-class activities • Workday and weekend sightseeing tours • Individual practical homework assignments (at a bank, store, real estate agency, etc.) Special features Total language immersion (classes + out-of-class activities + native host family). 18
  19. 19. I. General Russian Course (continued)The course encourages students to think and speak Russian all the time: Learn how to get necessary information by talking to a person (including telephone conversations) or from a written source Learn how to explain themselves in a variety of real life situations, discuss things and share ideas in Russian easily Extend their vocabulary by learning essential Russian words and phrases with the focus on the vocabulary needed Perfect accent by listening to native Russian speakers 19
  20. 20. II. Russian for professional communicationUnique combination of language studies and business training. The coursefocuses on business communication skills development in a Russian-speakingenvironment. Class levels Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced (A2 – B2) Course length 1 - 3 weeks Course tailoring The program is designed according to participants’ initial language level and business/organizational needs. The course may be tailored according to NATO STANAG 6001 standard or USA Interagency Roundtable Standard requirements, DLPT tests. Teachers • Language specialists • Business coach • Local businessmen as invited speakers and communication partners Out-of-class activities • Practical case study (local business practices) • Workday and weekend sightseeing tours Special features • Videotaping of the participants with further analysis • Total language immersion (classes + out-of-class activities + native host family) 20
  21. 21. II. Business communication inRussian (continued)Developing business communication skills for business executives andprofessionals in the shortest time possible: Sector-specific vocabulary Letter, telephone, report, and e-mail skills in Russian Make presentations, prepare meetings with Russian partners Dealing with numerical data Dealing with colleagues, informal communication with people Sales, negotiation skills, cultural awareness 21
  22. 22. III. Courses for teachersOur refresher courses for non-native Russian language teachers help them learnnew methods of teaching, share their best practice, as well as upgrade their owncommunication skills in an authentic language environment. Skills level Professional, experience in teaching Russian language The course Applying Interactive Methods for Teaching Russian Language (5 days) More study programs By 2013 we plan to introduce more refresher programs for teachers. We can develop a specific course for a group of teachers upon request. Our teachers • Teachers of Russian as a foreign language, teacher trainers • Philologists, historians • Specialists in methodology of teaching Special advantages • Open lessons in local Polish and Latvian schools where Russian is taught as a foreign language • Participants can apply for funding, covering the costs of the course, accommodation and travel, through the EU Lifelong Learning Program’s (LLP) Grundtvig or Comenius grants. 22
  23. 23. Students’ life: host familyA private room in a carefully selected local Russian family, where a friendlyatmosphere allows a student to use Russian in a relaxed and natural way.The students will be encouraged to take full advantage of communicationwith their host family members and participate in their daily activities.Majority of our students agreed this was one of the essential parts ofthe program.It was in the families where the students received a great deal of theirconversational practice. 23
  24. 24. Students’ life: DaugavpilsMore facts about Daugavpils:Founded as Dinaburg castle by Livonian knights in 1275Daugavpils has changed several names throughout its history: Dinaburg (1275),Borisoglebsk (1656-1667), Dvinsk (1893-1920), Daugavpils (since 1920).Daugavpils has the biggest number of Russian Old-Believer’s churches in the world.Dinaburg fortress was built in the 19th century and remained unchanged.Daugavpils is the birthplace of the greatest Latvian poet Janis Rainis, world famouspainter Mark Rothko, and actor Solomon Mikhoels.Daugavpils region inherited remarkable ethnical, confessional, and cultural diversity.Largest historical communities – Russian, Latvian, Latgalian, Jewish, Polish,Byelorussian, Gypsy. 24
  25. 25. Students’ life: DaugavpilsDaugavpils is the hometown of Mark Rothko  World famous abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko was born in Dvinsk (now – Daugavpils) in 1903.  Mark Rothkos biographers note that impressions and experiences he brought from his life in Dvinsk, as well as his deep knowledge of Russian classic literature and Russian language had greatly influenced his personality and creativity.  One of workday excursions, proposed to our students, includes visit to Daugavpils Regional and Art Museum and Mark Rothkos exposition.  In the near future Mark Rothkos Art Center is going to be open in historical Dinaburg Fortress’ Arsenal building. The Art Center will receive several originals by Rothko for future expositions. Russian communication and cultural immersion in Mark Rothkos hometown is an outstanding and unforgettable experience. 25
  26. 26. Students’ life: social programOur social program aims at introducing students to ethnical,historical and cultural diversity of Daugavpils. This includes shorttrips during working days as well as full-day trips on weekends.Sample workday excursions:Welcome to Daugavpils tourDaugavpils churches as symbols of history and diversityDaugavpils Regional and Art Museum and Dinaburg fortressRussian banya 26
  27. 27. Students’ life: social program (continued)Sample weekend excursions:Basilica of Aglona, Museum of World War II and Museum of Bread in AglonaRiga – the capital of Latvia.Old Town, Jugendstil architecture, Jurmala sea resort (2 days)Ligo – the most beloved national holiday in Latvia (2 days)Rundale Palace - baroque masterpiece 27
  28. 28. Daugavpils: picture gallery 28
  29. 29. Daugavpils: picture gallery (continued) 29
  30. 30. Learn Russian in the EU – contacts ® LatInSoft SIA Mihoelsa 56, Daugavpils, LV-5400, Latvia www.latinsoft.lv "Learn Russian in the EU" project www.learnrussianineu.com Contact: Sergey Simonov Tel. +371 65407209, +371 29544413 E-mail 30
  31. 31. See you in "Learn Russian in the EU"! www.learnrussianineu.com www.facebook.com/learnrussianineu 31