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Lasso-Crm software-website-tracking

  1. 1. Introducing Website & Lead Tracking Gain valuable insight into the actions and buying interests of leads and prospects on your project website . . . even before you make a phone call! Take it for a free test drive today! Contact Lasso Support to learn more.Use the toolbar below to navigate through the presentation
  2. 2. Lasso Website & Lead Tracking• Monitor the effectiveness of one of your most important marketing tools – your project website.• You will know how every lead found your site and what interests them.• Every time a lead or prospect visits your website, Lasso will record and track which pages were visited.• Receive real-time email alerts each time a prospect returns to your website.• Clearly see which keywords are working effectively for Search Engine Optimization.
  3. 3. Where is your Website Traffic coming from?
  4. 4. Where are your Leads coming from?
  5. 5. Gain Sales and Marketing IntelligenceDiscover where your leads are coming from and what theiractivity has been . . .• What are your leads’ interests?• How many times have they been back to your website?• Are they sales-ready now?Easily see how your website traffic is finding you . . .• Organic or Paid Search (e.g. Adwords)?• Which search engine or website are your leads coming from?• Facebook ad or Google Adwords?• What Keywords are generating traffic and leads?
  6. 6. Lasso Website & Lead Tracking1. Website Traffic Lasso tracks – number of visitors, top referrers (Visitors to your website) (source), top pages viewed, new and returning visitors2. Registration Signup Visitors sign up and become leads (Registrants in Lasso) – Lasso tracks how the Registrant found your site, what key words they used, number of visits, pages visited and unique pages visited.3. Track Lead Activity Within Lasso Lead #1 Lead #4 Lead #2 Lead #3
  7. 7. Lead Activity Information Recorded:Lead #1 Lead #22 site visits - Found site by clicking on paid 1st Visit - Found site by using keyword “Newsearch – Google Adwords – “Best new home Homes Chicago” in Googledevelopment in Chicago” • Registration Form• Reviewed Builder Information • Community information• Viewed News Release information • Developer Profile2nd site visit • Townhouse Units• Registered for more information 2nd Visit • Checked out Sales Center info. • Looked at the 2 bedroom floor planLead #3 Lead #42 visits 3 visitsFound site by searching on “green buildings in Found site by clicking on facebook adChicago” • Viewed special pricing• Viewed the sustainability page • Looked at amenities• Viewed the pages regarding bike parking • Checked out the dog park information
  8. 8. Lasso Website & Lead Tracking Reporting Weekly Traffic – How much traffic are you getting to your website? Monitor repeat visitors and new registrants. A textual report will show you daily web traffic and conversion rate. Top Pages – See the top three visited pages of your website graphically. Drill down and see a textual report that shows all web pages. Top Referrers – Who’s linking to your site? And, where are your leads coming from? Are you getting a higher conversion rate from facebook over Google? See a textual report that shows all your referrers.
  9. 9. Take a test drive and try Website & Lead Tracking for 60 daysContact Lasso for a FREE 60-day test to Lasso and want to learn more?Contact Dave Betcher, Vice President