Extending the Value of Structured Content Across the Customer Lifecycle


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This discussion will help you understand why using structured content development will produce a better customer experience.

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Extending the Value of Structured Content Across the Customer Lifecycle

  1. 1. Prepared by © 2008 Lasselle-Ramsay Hosted by Extending the Value of Structured Content Across the Customer Lifecycle Presenters from Lasselle-Ramsay Joan Lasselle, Tom Voltz, and Jana Humphreys
  2. 2. Welcome! • Today’s event is being recorded – link available in follow-up email • Use Q&A panel to submit questions for Q&A session • Full screen view available for slides • Polling panel
  3. 3. Our Presenters Joan Lasselle President Jana Humphreys Director of Operations Tom Voltz Technology Manager
  4. 4. Lasselle-Ramsay Industry Expertise 26 years supporting Fortune 100 clients with their content infrastructure
  5. 5. In today’s economy, the flow of information has more impact on profits than the movement of goods.
  6. 6. What is a Customer Lifecycle?
  7. 7. The Story of “Platinum, Inc.” • Software development company • Maker of SuperSoftware • Provide customer training and documentation for end users and partners • Provide updated FAQs on company Web site • Award winning documentation
  8. 8. Meet Platinum’s Customers
  9. 9. Small Business Owner – Pre Sale Meet Sabrina, owner of DesignRight. She is considering buying Platinum’s products. She… • Reviews the company Web site to review features, benefits, and pricing options. • Reviews Platinum’s support site to see what information is available if she needs it.
  10. 10. Small Business Owner – Post Sale Sabrina buys SuperSoftware and... • She searches for a help topic, and can’t find it. • She finds the topic in the User Guide, realizes that the name of the feature she was searching for changed. Frustrated, she reviews the procedure. • She returns to Help and tries the new search term. She gets a result this time, but notices the steps are different from the User Guide.
  11. 11. Director of Finance at DesignRight Meet Faith, she… • Receives a request from Sabrina to prepare a presentation with the data generated from SuperSoftware. • Experiments with reports and isn’t able to replicate what she learned in the tutorial. • Tries online help but the screens shown don’t match hers and the procedure lists an option she doesn’t have. • Calls Trevor, her technology manager.
  12. 12. Technology Manager at DesignRight Meet Trevor, he tries to help Faith. He… • Looks up the procedure in the User Guide and reads it to Faith who explains she’s tried that, with no luck. • Checks the FAQs on Platinum’s Support site and finds a different procedure. • Reads procedure to Faith who reports success.
  13. 13. The Fragmented Customer Experience User Guide Online Help FAQs Web Content Tutorial
  14. 14. Meet Platinum’s Employees
  15. 15. Platinum’s Siloed Content Infrastructure
  16. 16. Product Manager, Sales and Marketing at Platinum Meet Pam, she… • Is responsible for quarterly updates to the new SuperSoftware product. • Works with engineering and her team to prepare marketing material and Web content that Sabrina used. • Prepares slide decks and internal communications to teach internal employees about the features and benefits of the exciting new product.
  17. 17. Technical Writer Meet Todd, a Technical Writer at Platinum. He… • Writes the user guides and help systems for the SuperSoftware product line. Won a Technical Writing Award from an industry organization. • Uses the software specifications and works with the engineering team to learn and write about the product. • Uses XMetaL to single source his documentation and help.
  18. 18. Instructional Designer Meet Ida, an Instructional Designer at Platinum. She… • Builds classroom training and eLearning tutorials for the SuperSoftware product line. • Works with subject matter experts from Pam’s team to learn the product. • Uses Word, PowerPoint, and Articulate to build her training content and repurposes content whenever possible.
  19. 19. Support Specialist Meet Sean, a Support Specialist at Platinum. He… • Works with the engineering team to learn the product. • After product launch, he compiles data about support calls and posts FAQs, tips and tricks on Platinum’s Website. • Uses XMetaL and repurposes content whenever possible.
  20. 20. What Are You Experiencing? User Guide Online Help FAQs Web Content Tutorial
  21. 21. Poll – Content-related Challenges Like Platinum Inc, what content-related challenges has your organization experienced? Check all that apply.  Our customers have a fragmented experience when receiving information from our company.  I believe my company develops content that no one uses.  I believe my company has a lot of potential for reusing content.  We have difficulty keeping content up to date.  We have difficulty keeping translated content up to date.  Our content development is often not in synch with our product development.  We have shifted to Agile product development, but our content is not developed and maintained as part of the Agile process.  I know we need to solve this problem, but I don’t know how to get started.
  22. 22. A Fragmented Workflow
  23. 23. A Fragmented Workflow
  24. 24. A Fragmented Workflow
  25. 25. Optimized Content Infrastructure
  26. 26. Through Each Stage of the Lifecycle
  27. 27. Structured Content – A Business Strategy, Not A Technology • Begin with the business case and develop success measures • Assess and identify opportunities for optimization – Customers – Content – Technology – Process – Resources
  28. 28. Opportunity Assessment
  29. 29. Achieve an Optimized Experience DesignRight • Receive timely information • Information is accurate and current • Customer experience is consistent throughout the lifecycle Platinum • Work cross functionally throughout lifecycle • Develop a content model to reduce and reuse content • Reduce development costs • Reduce SME time • Speed up time to market
  30. 30. Where Are You?
  31. 31. How to Get Started with a Cross Functional Approach to Content Management Task Analysis — User Tasks — 156 Understand workflow • • • • • • • 9.3 Prepare the system • • 9.4 Login • • 9.5 Perform a session for a new case • • 9.6 Create case information • • 9.7 Edit or delete a usage profile • • 9.8 Perform imaging • 150 Interpret imaging • 9.9 Start & stop recording for a manual run • • 9.10 Start & stop automatic pullback • • 9.11 Review run • • 9.12 Create or delete a bookmark • • 9.13 Edit a bookmark label • • 9.14 Edit a run label • • 9.15 Perform automatic lumen & vessel segmentation • • Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Row# for Sort Only DB ID Source Content Element Function SME User Manual Setup Guide Service Manual 1 1 GUG 01. USING THE DEVICE Section Include 2 466 GUG 01A. Workflow Subject J Smith Include 3 467 GUG General Workflow Statement J Smith Include 4 468 GUG Alternate paths to workflow Statement B Jones Include 5 2 GUG 01B. System Setup Subject B Jones Include Include Include 6 3 GUG Component descriptions Statement J Smith Include Include Include 7 4 GUG To connect the MDU Action J Smith Include Include Include 8 5 GUG To connect the Catheter Action J Smith Include Include Include 9 6 GUG To connect the TSC Action J Smith Include Include Include 10 7 GUG To turn on the System Action J Smith Include Include Include 11 791 Caution: Power up sequence Alert J Smith Include Include Include 12 826 GUG Warning: Single Use Alert J Smith Include Include 13 8 01C. Starting a Case Subject J Smith Include Include 14 9 To log in Action B Jones Include Include 15 10 To enter patient data Action B Jones Include Include 16 11 01D. Run Descriptions Subject J Smith Include Include Seller Tech Support Field Service Learning Lifecycle for PlainView BostonScientificLearners • Field Service Workshop • Field Service Manual • User Guide • Installation guide • Tech Support Workshop • Tech Support Tool • User Guide • Trainer’s Guide for Sellers • Sales training Workshop • User Guide • Quick Guide • Field Service Web Site • Support & Resources Web Site • Interactive Tutorials and Simulations • Field Service Web Site • Support & Resources Web Site • Interactive Tutorials and Simulations Pre Launch Ongoing Launch • Field Service Web Site • Support & Resources Web Site • Interactive Tutorials and Simulations
  32. 32. Beyond the Book and the Class - Using DITA for Training & Support Cart Features © 2005 Boston Scientific or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 12 Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  33. 33. Questions and Next Steps www.lr.com Joan.Lasselle@lr.com Jana.Humphreys@lr.com Tom.Voltz@lr.com www.justsystems.com sales@justsystems.com 1-866-793-1542