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5 Quick Wins to Wow Your Office


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Learn how to make small but impactful improvements in your day-to-day processes! These quick wins are available out of the box with Laserfiche Rio and Laserfiche Avante. Learn more at

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5 Quick Wins to Wow Your Office

  1. 1. FIVE QUICK WINS to Wow Your Office
  2. 2. What is a quick win?
  3. 3. QUICK WINS ARE: ‣  Minimal or no cost ‣  Low risk ‣  Narrow and focused in scope ‣  Implementable within 60-90 days
  4. 4. ‣  Eliminating unnecessary steps from a process ‣  Redesigning forms ‣  Changing inefficient procedures ‣  Starting to use available features that haven’t been implemented yet POTENTIAL QUICK WINS
  5. 5. Here are five quick wins that are available out of the box in Laserfiche Avante and Rio.
  6. 6. QUICK WIN #1 Saved Column Profiles
  7. 7. Laserfiche 8.3 and up gives you the ability to customize your column display for each folder by creating and saving column profiles. Once created, a user can switch between them quickly.
  8. 8. Why is this useful?
  9. 9. Example Scenario: Admissions Clerk You’d like to quickly sort applications by major in order to help with review. But when you need to contact an applicant to clarify something in his or her application, you’d like to view the contact information quickly. You can create two column profiles—one that lists the application type and major and the other that lists contact information—and switch between them quickly as the need arises.
  10. 10. Get step-by-step instructions Learn how to do this yourself on the Solution Exchange! Click Here
  11. 11. QUICK WIN #2 Saved Searches
  12. 12. Once you’ve configured a search that you think will be useful later, save time setting it up in the future by saving it. When you need to run that particular search later, all you have to do is select the saved search. You can easily access all searches that you save, regardless of the computer that you use to access Laserfiche.
  13. 13. Why is this useful?
  14. 14. Example Scenario: City Clerk Part of your job involves reviewing new permit applications. There are certain key words that you look for in each application. You can create a saved search to quickly find new applications with those key words without typing them in every time.
  15. 15. Get step-by-step instructions Learn how to do this yourself on the Solution Exchange! Click Here
  16. 16. QUICK WIN #3 Custom Quick Searches
  17. 17. You can modify the searches listed in the Quick Search drop-down, located in the toolbar, to meet your organization’s needs. For example, if your organization uses the Created By search often, it can be added to the Quick Search drop-down menu for easier and quicker searching.
  18. 18. Any search type that can be configured using advanced syntax can be created as a custom quick search.
  19. 19. Advanced search syntax allows you to create various searches that are beyond the capabilities of the search interface. No matter how you would like to use it—whether to run a one-off search, add it as a frequently accessed quick search or make it a part of your business process workflow— advanced search is a powerful tool that will help you streamline and simplify day-to-day activities.
  20. 20. Why is this useful?
  21. 21. Example Scenario: Compliance Officer As Compliance Officer in a financial company, you need to make sure each employee has filled out and submitted a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can use advanced search syntax to find all subfolders within the main “Employees” folder that do not contain a document named Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  22. 22. Because you’re very busy, you don’t have time to manually run the search to find employees who haven’t submitted Non-Disclosure Agreements. You can use the “Search Repository” activity inside a workflow to e-mail you a list of employees with missing agreements on a weekly basis.
  23. 23. Next Thursday at 9:00AM, you’ll receive this email in your inbox. Now you can follow up with these employees.
  24. 24. Get step-by-step instructions Learn how to do this yourself on the Solution Exchange! Click Here
  25. 25. QUICK WIN #4 Custom Shortcuts
  26. 26. You can create a Laserfiche Client shortcut that will automatically run a specific search query or open a particular repository, folder or document within Laserfiche.
  27. 27. Why is this useful?
  28. 28. i   Example Scenario: Admissions Clerk You work as an admissions clerk in the admissions department of a university and your duties include reviewing new graduate and undergraduate applications. These applications all have the “Need Review” tag assigned to them. You can create a shortcut on your desktop that automatically launches Laserfiche and performs the search for all new applications that need review.
  29. 29. Get step-by-step instructions Learn how to do this yourself on the Solution Exchange! Click Here
  30. 30. QUICK WIN #5 The Laserfiche-Microsoft Office Integration
  31. 31. Laserfiche’s integration with Microsoft Office allows you to...
  32. 32. Save Microsoft Office files directly to the Laserfiche repository
  33. 33. Edit document metadata from inside a Microsoft Office application
  34. 34. View changes and save new versions of an edited document from Microsoft Word
  35. 35. Save emails in Laserfiche directly from Microsoft Outlook
  36. 36. Automatically populate metadata fields on saved emails
  37. 37. Attach documents stored in the Laserfiche repository to outgoing Microsoft Outlook emails
  38. 38. Save emails to your currently open folder in the Laserfiche Client Save email attachments to Laserfiche without including the associated email message Ac%ons   Available in Laserfiche 9.0 and up
  39. 39. Get step-by-step instructions Learn how to do this yourself on the Solution Exchange! Click Here
  40. 40. Taking Advantage of Your Wins
  41. 41. Remember…
  42. 42. Quick wins are useless if no one knows about them. Measure and report the benefits of your wins so stakeholders are aware of what you’ve quickly achieved.
  43. 43. TAKEAWAYS ‣  Quick wins can help onboard new departments or users. ‣  When you are project planning, have a healthy mix of quick wins and strategic projects.
  44. 44. Most importantly, what seems small to you may be huge to someone else.
  45. 45. THANKS for reading!