Contract Lifecycle Management Edition A Unique Solution for Managing the Development and     Administration of Complex Ene...
Lascom AEC Contract Lifecycle Management Edition is abrowser-based solution that cost-effectively manages all data,documen...
An optional component of Contract Lifecycle ManagementEdition is the ability to track and manage the prospecting,qualifyin...
The Contract Lifecycle Management Edition’s information repository incorporates tight                                secur...
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Software : Contract Lifecycle Management Edition


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Lascom AEC Contract Lifecycle Management Edition is a browser-based solution that cost-effectively manages all data, documents, obligations, activities, and business processes related to the development and administration of wholesale power, transmission, and related services contracts. Lascom AEC
provides an integrated and simplified solution to support the customer contracting process and mitigate risks associated with implementing and managing contracts throughout their lifecycle. Companies using the system increase productivity and visibility, thereby reducing costs and minimizing risks.

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Software : Contract Lifecycle Management Edition

  1. 1. Contract Lifecycle Management Edition A Unique Solution for Managing the Development and Administration of Complex Energy Contracts Improves productivity Reduces costs Increases visibility Lowers risks
  2. 2. Lascom AEC Contract Lifecycle Management Edition is abrowser-based solution that cost-effectively manages all data,documents, obligations, activities, and business processesrelated to the development and administration of wholesalepower, transmission, and related services contracts. Lascom AECprovides an integrated and simplified solution to support thecustomer contracting process and mitigate risks associated withimplementing and managing contracts throughout their lifecycle. Maintaining a coherent “single version of the truth” is a criticalCompanies using the system increase productivity and visibility, to developing and administering complex energy contracts.thereby reducing costs and minimizing risks. Unfortunately many business development and contract specialist teams lack an effective information management system that provides a holistic view of all contract information and their inter- dependencies. Poor contract information management leads toCompanies that market wholesale power, transmission, and lower productivity, higher costs, slower decision making, andother related services often have limited oversight of their overall greater risks.customer contracting process. Individual departments use a mixof manual and informal processes, as well as various workarounds Contract Lifecycle Management Edition offers an “out-of-the-and spreadsheets to solve problems and gain departmental box” information management schema tailored for wholesale power and transmission services companies which uniquelyefficiencies. However, this approach frequently leads to a highly organizes, manages, and inter-relates all the contractual,fragmented set of disconnected activities that result in slower stakeholder, and task information upon which effective businesscycle times, increased errors, duplicative efforts, administrative processes depend. By allowing users to easily create new, or findchallenges, and provides no systematic way to track compliance and reuse previous contract information, staff productivity iswith controls, standards, and policies. Consequently, the ability increased and cycle times are reduced. This powerful solution:to reduce costs, increase employee and customer satisfaction,and minimize exposure to regulatory and contractual risks is Securely manages all contract related data andincreasingly difficult. information Contract requests, contracts, clauses, templates,Contract Lifecycle Management Edition helps business amendments, exhibits and other contractualdevelopment, compliance, and contract administration teams components with full history and versioningaddress these issues by: Customer and account team contact information Centrally managing all contract information, such as Customer and internal correspondence, meeting contract documents, clauses, amendments, exhibits, notes, documents, and emails correspondence, contract obligations, activities, customer and account team information, revision Contract obligations and associated tasks history and other related data and documents; Technical data, memo’s, financial data and related documents Facilitating more effective collaboration across business development, contract specialist, contract Documents, PDFs, images, scans, spreadsheets, and administration, compliance, customer support, faxes in any format management, and external stakeholder teams Includes full document management capabilities, with advanced search, display, check-in/check-out, and Providing automated task management and workflow version control tools to effectively manage key activities and approval processes to ensure all contractual obligations are met Ensures secure electronic distribution of contracts and other documents Enabling greater visibility of contracting and Provides easy to understand informational views based administration processes through management on inter-relationships dashboards and automated report generation
  3. 3. An optional component of Contract Lifecycle ManagementEdition is the ability to track and manage the prospecting,qualifying, and negotiating stages of business development.Using standardized electronic data capture forms and workflowtechnology, the system provides the functionality of a highly Effective and efficient contract administration is of considerablecustomized Customer Relationship Management solution dedicated d importance to minimize contractual, financial, and regulatoryto managing the unique aspects of wholesale power, transmission, risk. Contract Lifecycle Management Edition allows users toand related services sales. Capabilities include: centrally codify and track the execution of administrative tasks to ensure all obligations are completed as agreed. Using a wide- Capture of customer requirements, correspondence, and range of collaboration, task, reporting, and process management financial or technical data tools, the system balances the need for structure and conformity Secure distribution of information and documents with flexibility and speed. Compliance, approval and review processes Management dashboards, status reports, and full auditability ty Task and process management capabilities include the ability to:More effective business process and information capture during Manually create tasks or use standardized reusablethe opportunity management phase, greatly simplifies and speeds task templatescontract development. Track implementation and compliance of tasks Manage task lists and approval processes Provide automated notifications, alerts, and escalationsContract development consists of contract drafting, review, Generate management dashboards and reports onand approval. During the drafting stage, Contract Lifecycle assigned tasks, contract status, contract expiration, etc.Management Edition leverages the functionality of the LascomWord Connector. The Word Connector is a specialized integrationwith Microsoft Word, which allows contract drafting to bedone entirely within Word while enabling the management ofthe contract document, text and data within the Lascom AECcentral knowledge base. Using Word for contract drafting offersmany advantages over proprietary systems, which often involvesteep learning curves, compatibility issues, and lack many of thespecialized document features available in Word. The approach ofworking directly in Microsoft Word has the advantage of maximizing ngflexibility and user acceptance by retaining a more familiar look &feel to the work environment.Features of the Word Connector include the ability to: Draft contracts from standardized templates, from scratch, or from pre-existing contracts Select from a menu of approved clauses stored in a centrally y managed clause library Contract Lifecycle Management Edition comes with a rich set of API’s which allow integration with a wide range of upstream Populate pre-defined fields, such as contract number, or downstream back-office systems. Such integration with other customer contact name, etc. technology applications minimizes errors, reduces costs, speeds Insert standard product or services description information cycle time, and allows staff to spend less time on data entry, Track changes made to approved contract clauses reporting, and other lower-value manual activities.Contract review and approval stages are supported using LascomAEC’s standard workflow engine which enables cross-functionalcollaboration, task routing, compliance management, as well asmanagement dashboards and reporting.
  4. 4. The Contract Lifecycle Management Edition’s information repository incorporates tight security preventing unauthorized persons from gaining access or modifying proprietary, confidential, or sensitive contract information. In addition, the system automatically monitors and records a wide range of user activities enabling administrators, or other authorized users, to quickly produce relevant and targeted activity reports. Lascom’s AEC owes its low cost of ownership, support, and short implementation time to the following key architectural differentiators: • Standardized Features – Lascom AEC comes with a standardized data model, user interface, and many out-of-the-box features that are optimized to meet the specific needs of business development teams, contract specialists and administrators, and senior management.• Bonneville Power • Microsoft Centric – Lascom AEC is designed to operate in Microsoft-centric• Duke Energy environments and leverage in-place Microsoft technologies wherever possible.• Alstom Transport • Web-Based – Lascom AEC is installed centrally and not on end-user workstations,• British Telecom which greatly reduces the complexity and effort involved with implementation and ongoing support.• France Electricity (EDF) The Lascom AEC architecture can also fully support high availability and disaster recovery• Eli Lilly Company functionality by incorporating Microsoft load balancing and scale-out features. Relative• Paris Metro (RATP) to comparable systems, Lascom AEC has considerably lower total cost of ownership and much shorter implementation time.• Egis Rail• Metso Corporation Founded in 1989, LASCOM has built its global success on developing and deploying• LANXESS Chemicals (Bayer) comprehensive software solutions and services that manage the complex business• Marseille Tramway processes and information associated with project, product, document, and configuration management. These advanced offerings address the unique needs of the following critical• Strasbourg Electricity business activities:• NATO / NAMSA • Industrial engineering• Pilkington Glass • Infrastructure and facilities management• Kronenbourg (Carlsberg) • Discrete, process, and complex manufacturing • Consumer product manufacturing and retailing• GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) With North American headquarters in San Diego California and world headquarters in• RIO Tinto Alcan Paris France, Lascom maintains over 200 production marquee customers across Europe and the United States. North American Headquarters Worldwide Headquarters 8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Parc Burospace Antélia 4 Suite 202 91571 Bièvres Cedex France San Diego, CA 92111 USA Phone: +33 (0)1 69 35 12 20 Phone: +1 (858) 452-1300 Fax.: +33 (0)1 69 35 12 40 Fax.:+1 (858) 300-1692 © 2012 Lascom. Lascom is a registered trademark. All the brands quoted previously belong to their respective owners.