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My money steps 030712


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My Money Steps presentation by Refat Naz Dhar of Money Advice Trust.

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My money steps 030712

  1. 1. London Advice ConferenceRefat Naz DharResearch and Development Manager
  2. 2. A Bringing income into the sector and F ensuring it is used B Working for an effectively Delivering high-optimal environment quality moneyfor clients & money advice via advisers & National Debtline, encouraging Business Debtlineresponsible lending & My Money Steps REDUCING UNMANAGEABLE DEBT IN THE UK C E Increasing theBeing a catalyst for quality and quantity partners to work D of money advice in more closely Promoting the role the UK by optimally together of the money supporting advisers advice sector & enhancing understanding of the debt and credit environment
  3. 3. • Launched November 2010• Interactive online advice channel• Self help with option recognising other channels
  4. 4. • Online interactive advice service• Who can use My Money Steps• Empowering the client
  5. 5. • Generates advice suggestions based on the user’s financial circumstances• Advice is generated by using over 300 rules and calculations• Repeat usage encouraged to ensure interactive advice
  6. 6. • Anyone who wants to deal with their debts themselves• Ideal for those who are confident about using internet tools• My Money Steps identifies where a referral is more appropriate
  7. 7. Using My Money Steps to manage debts
  8. 8. Visit www.mymoneysteps.orgContact the My Money Steps team on