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Google Analytics for Charities


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This webinar gives you an overview of Analytics, useful for any non-profit worker with responsibility for their website.

How successfully does your charity's website reach its intended audience? How well are you engaging with people online? What does and doesn't work on your website? How can you tell where your website's visitors are coming from or if they're viewing your website on a mobile device? The free Google Analytics tool provides a wealth of data that you can use to evaluate your success online, and help you make decisions to improve the reach of your website.

View the full presentation of webinar recording and slides at:

More on Google Analytics here:

This webinar follows on from our recent Google Ad Grants for Charities webinar:

This webinar is supported by London for All, a London Councils’ funded project to capacity build London’s voluntary and community sector. More at:

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Google Analytics for Charities

  1. 1. Google Ad Grants for Charities Google Analytics for Charities
  2. 2. About London for All partnership • London For All – partnership of LVSC, Lasa, ROTA, WRC and HEAR • Only pan-London charity tech advice service •
  3. 3. About Lasa • 30 years in the sector • Technology leadership, publications, events and consultancy – • Welfare Rights
  4. 4. Webinar Tips • Ask questions Post questions via chat or raise your virtual hand • Interact Respond to polls during webinar • Focus Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation • Webinar PowerPoint & Recording PowerPoint and recording links will be shared after the webinar
  5. 5. About Jason King • Freelance WordPress developer • Many clients from welfare rights, health and law sector • Worked for charities in the UK and Australia on managing technology and websites Twitter: @jasoncsking Web:
  6. 6. Google Analytics for Charities Webinar by Jason King 1st December 2016 Twitter: @jasoncsking Website:
  7. 7. Jason King WordPress websites Google Ad Grant management Training & Webinars @jasoncsking
  8. 8. I build WordPress websites Healthwatch Derbyshire Healthwatch Bucks Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Maternity Action Launching soon: Initiative for Interstellar Studies … and many more.
  9. 9. Google Ad Grant management Charities get $10,000 per month’s worth of free online advertising for their website. That could lead to thousands of extra website visits. I help non-profits manage their ad campaigns.
  10. 10. Your website is critical to the work of your charity: But how do you evaluate its success?
  11. 11. Google Analytics Tracks visits to your website. Gives you the statistical data to base decisions on. It’s free! Most websites use it.
  12. 12. Get started with Google Analytics Login to your Google account Create an Analytics account Put the code on your website That might be the tricky part, but you do it once. 1 2 3
  13. 13. Account: You can access data for multiple websites in a single account. Property: The specific website you want tracked. View: You automatically have an All Website Data view and that’s probably all you’ll need. But you can set up additional views, which are filtered to show only specific data. Set up the Account, Properties and Views
  14. 14. How do you put that code on your website? Depends on how your site is built, and which content management system (CMS) your website uses. Google Analytics provides a tracking code for you to place on your website
  15. 15. If your website uses WordPress: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP A free WordPress plugin. Displays Google Analytics reports in your WordPress Dashboard. Inserts the latest Google Analytics tracking code in your pages. Be careful: not all plugins are created equal.
  16. 16. What do you want to know about your website’s visitors? Audience Who are your visitors? Acquisition Behaviour How do they get to your site? What do they do once they get there? Conversions Are they taking the actions you want them to?
  17. 17. Audience Demographics Geography Browsers Mobile vs desktop Benchmarks
  18. 18. Acquisition Referrals Social media Google Adwords (your free Ad Grant) Google Search Console
  19. 19. Behaviour User flow Landing and Exit pages Popular (or not) pages Page loading speed Search Events (Downloads and External links)
  20. 20. Conversions Define your Goals Goal flow
  21. 21. Other stats you can learn from - Google Webmaster Tools - Facebook Page Insights - Email newsletter - Twitter Analytics
  22. 22. Links Google Analytics Analytics Academy Google for Nonprofits On Twitter
  23. 23. Twitter @LasaICT Web Rightsnet Connecting Care