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Eclipse IDE and Platform news on Fosdem 2020


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News of the Eclipse top-level project building the Eclipse IDE.

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Eclipse IDE and Platform news on Fosdem 2020

  1. 1. Eclipse IDE and Platform News FOSDEM, 02.02.2020 Lars Vogel
  2. 2. Lars Vogel Eclipse PMC memberEclipse PMC member Eclipse Platform project leadEclipse Platform project lead vogella GmbH CEO, whichvogella GmbH CEO, which supports customer Eclipsesupports customer Eclipse RCP and mobileRCP and mobile implementations andimplementations and trainingstrainings
  3. 3. Community Features Future Plans
  4. 4. Eclipse TLP work
  5. 5. Project is not a company controlled project anymore
  6. 6. Individuals working on the code
  7. 7. The leadership team of the Eclipse IDE
  8. 8. More and more active committers (aka growing community)
  9. 9. Eclipse IDE releases every 3 months
  10. 10. New naming results in lots of updates 2018-09 ..... 2019-06 2019-09 2019-12 etc.
  11. 11. Update site points to latest version Resulting is latest Java support and similar new features as previously in every yearly release
  12. 12. 4.5 Million (!!!!!) downloads of Eclipse 2019-09 Plus unknown update numbers (will be captured for future releases)
  13. 13. Community Features Future Plans
  14. 14. Platform work
  15. 15. UIX Shorter text and better icons
  16. 16. Improve the dark theme
  17. 17. Performance work
  18. 18. Interactive performance
  19. 19. Interactive performance 2019-12 to 2020-03
  20. 20. Significant improments in startup Example: Minimal Eclipse IDE starts in ~4 seconds
  21. 21. JDT got several new committers which contribute new functionality and actively review incoming community contributions
  22. 22. -> JDT is again growing its features and community
  23. 23. Asynchronous Java code completion
  24. 24. Automatic code cleanup via save actions or via batch cleanup (right- mouse-click-> Source -> Cleanup)
  25. 25. Community Features Future Plans
  26. 26. Continue the path for improve performance, better Java support and UIX
  27. 27. Embrasing VsCode
  28. 28. Language Server Protocol
  29. 29. Language Server Protocol ● Bring latest support for: ● JavaScript ● XML ● Dart and Flutter ● Maven ● C++ (?????) ● more....
  30. 30. If you love VsCode for Java you are using Eclipse.... VsCode and Eclipse are helping each other (or in other words as we are in Belgien: they are beer buddies :-)
  31. 31. User Provide a patch!
  32. 32. Eclipse roadmap based on meritocracy Meritocracy is a political philosophy which holds that power should be vested in individuals almost exclusively according to merit.
  33. 33. Building the Eclipse SDK git clone -b master –recursive git:// tform.releng.aggregator.git mvn clean verify -DskipTests=true
  34. 34. And it is very much open of contributions..... 5 minutes exercise how to contribute: ment/article.html#exericse-eclipse-user-creation-and- gerrit-server-configuration
  35. 35. Integration repository Contributor 1 Contributor 2 Reviewer Fetch/ Push Fetch Fetch/ Push CI Build Server (Jenkins) Fetch Gerrit Reviews Fetch Fetch Approve
  36. 36. Summary Eclipse community grows Eclipse is already fast but gets faster Adapting "VsCode" protocol will improve significantly Eclipse
  37. 37. Thank you For further questions: @vogella Commercial support: