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Nordic Green Innovation World Tour 2016


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The best Nordic Green Innovations will come to your City in 2016. We want to "Sharing Ideas that will Inspiring Change" for regenerative sustainable and Innovative cities and rural areas.

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Nordic Green Innovation World Tour 2016

  1. 1. Nordic Green Innovation WORLD TOUR 2016 ”Sharing Ideas Inspiring Change” Smart Regenerative Cities
  2. 2. Sponsor and Partner Program 2016
  3. 3. How do we regenerate Smart, Sustainable and livable Cities?
  4. 4. Objective Ignite & Engage Cities and Communities
  5. 5. FOCUS areas Sustainability Health Possible Leadership
  6. 6. Actions, events around focus areas ”CityMayor Challenge” ”City Innovation 5.0” ”Run for Homeless” ”Showcase - Green Innovations for” *Low carbon cities *City innovation *City development - *City projects - *Investors - *Decision makers *Digital technology
  7. 7. Nordic Green Innovation World Tour 2016 Leg 1 - start April 2016 London - Dubai - Singapore - Seoul - Melbourne - Sydney - Canberra - Shanghai - Tokyo - Los Angeles - San Francisco - New York - Washington - Sao Paolo - Rio de Janeiro Leg 2 (sept) and 3 (nov-dec) will complement other markets-cities
  8. 8. *Bronze Sponsor *Main Sponsor with naming rights: *Silver Sponsor *Event City Partner *Sponsor a Talent *Sponsor a Tech *Supporting Partner *Social Capital Partner *Gold Sponsor *Media Sponsor Sponsor/Partner packages info@cleantechregion.seCall Lars Ling +46 72 740 66 06
  9. 9. Thank you Sponsors & Partners 2015
  10. 10. Thank you Supporting Partners
  11. 11. Thank you Social Capital Partners
  12. 12. We collaborate with some of the most active in sustainable development, innovation, equity and co-creation. San Francisco - Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, social innovators, philanthropists, hackers, computer gurus, networks and investors James Hanusa Tatiana Fedorova Tatiana is a serial entrepreneur, social innovator, and philanthropist. SVOD, Goodler, AmBar James is Convening the Conveners, Burning Man, Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX) Sheridan Tatsuno Carla Mays Co-Organizer and MC for some of San Franciscos biggest start-up events Fedor Ovchinnikov Joachim Lohkamp Ina Lauth President, TechTalk Studio, Chairman of the business forum at Common wealth club of California Writer-Director-Marketer. Over 30 years of experience in the high-tech and urban planning industries Anna Blume Social Capital Strategist, Neurofeedback trainer, Communication Designer Civic Innovation specialist at the California Emerging Technology Fund Policy Analyst on Electric Generation and Performance to support the CPUC’s programs for California’s electric generators.  Co-founder institute for evolutionary leadership Co-Founder of IOT people and researcher Open Innovation at Grundfos Founder Get-D Hackaton and JOLOCOM Co-Founder Wisdom-entrepreneurs Paul Zelizer Kaustav P. Chaudhuri Lana Tran International and Silicon Valley experts collaboration
  13. 13. Mission and Vision: Connecting Nordic companies with the World; Cities, Mayors, Regions, Organisations and people together for action, business, and knowledge transfer. Merging Nordic, EU - U.S. & International, models, ideas and platforms for Social and Sustainable Innovations and collaboration.
  14. 14. Objectives Establish partnerships and business between the Nordics and with International projects with Sustainable Innovations, Evolutionary leadership, Social entrepreneurship and Impact Investments. Nordic World tour Impact movement is about joining the energies of this unique event with the growing landscape of social entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries and globally. Build and strengthen a platform for long term Impact Journey for Re-visits to the Nordics opening for more collaboration.
  15. 15. Why Sponsor # Nordic World Tour? By being a sponsor-partner it will give visibility and profile your company with the help of the organizers network and skill with a good understanding of how to combine sustainability, innovation and capital. You will get good visibility towards target groups in the Impact Investment, policy makers, investors and operators in the Nordic-Baltic regions - California and Internationally. As well in social media where we are collaborating and working together with the best players in the world to create maximum impact for your company/organisation. You will build your profile and brand, positioning your business on and around SOCAP arena for entrepreneurs, networks, companies, organizations from regions to investors, policy makers, research and actors in sustainable development and investment from Global innovation markets. Business Capital Network Knowledge Experience Have fun You will …. Find good Grow your Build greater Improve your Share & Gain friends Grow your
  16. 16. #nordicimpact @nordicimpactnordicimpact Instagram Hashtag Twitter Nordic Green Innovation World Tour 2016