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smAlbany 2013 excelsior college work experience


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smAlbany 2013 presentation

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smAlbany 2013 excelsior college work experience

  1. 1. Earning Credit for Your Work Experience: The Non- Traditional Education Path Samantha Henrikson Excelsior College 7 Columbia Circle Albany NY 12203
  2. 2. Non-traditional education benefits Same rigor as traditional classroom Flexible to family and work obligations College Credit awarded for on job training Ability to test out for additional college credits Generous Transfer Policy Combine work experience with the degree to advance/change your career
  3. 3. How Does It Work? Faculty evaluation for college credit Prior Learning Assessment American Counsel of Education (ACE)
  4. 4. Example: Nuclear Power Industry
  5. 5. Degree Path Training
  6. 6. Other Examples SANS- Credit Awarded for Training in this Field Credit award toward a degree in IT Certifications (I.E. Microsoft, COMP TIA, etc) GE Wind Technician Credit awarded for their on the job training that can be applied to the Bachelor of Tech Management with a Renewable Area of Focus
  7. 7. Business Credits Awarded Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR) = 6 credits towards BS in Business w/ HR Concentration Senior Professional in Human Resources Certification (SPHR)= 6 credits towards MBA The majority of people who work in HR obtain these certifications over time.
  8. 8. Business Credits Awarded People who work in insurance are often required to take exams/certifications School of Business accepts credit for exams (ACE evaluated) taken through The Institutes.
  9. 9. Additional Examples Credit Award for Military Training Through the College of the American Soldier Criminal Justice Training Academies can be evaluated for academic credit Nursing Students can test out of certain credits towards their degrees
  10. 10. General College Wide Poilcy Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio Excelsior College offers enrolled and future students the option to pursue PLA Portfolio through a partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and LearningCounts.orgTM Earn College Credit for What You Already Know Earn up to 6 credits for each portfolio that the student completes.
  11. 11. Other Ways to Earn Credits Test Out of Course Work for Arts and Science Requirements through CLEP, DANTES, Uexcel Exams. Transfer in any college credits with no time limits (in most cases) with a grade of C or better Extra-Institutional Learning
  12. 12. Take Away Many different paths to earn credits towards a degree. Easier to finally earn the degree that can lead to more success in your career.
  13. 13. Web Links for More Information ams_CLEP.html assessment-pla-portfolio
  14. 14. Questions