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Sitp in action_poster


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Sitp in action_poster

  1. 1. Troux Technologies – Strategic IT Planning and Control in Action BUSINESS & IT EXECUTIVES Understand Business/IT Disconnects Mitigate Business & Technology Risks Ensure Spend is aligned to Business Needs Evaluate portfolio savings to-date and planned PORTFOLIO & IT PLANNERS Understand Applications by Business Capability Plan Enterprise Application Roadmap Review Application Landscape Optimize IT Portfolio IT & GOVERNANCE STAKEHOLDERS Understand the Technology Roadmap Manage Technology Risks Identify Business Process Impacts Leverage Patterns-Based Design ARCHITECTS ENTERPRISE Understand Relationships across Data Silos Model the Entire Enterprise Ensure Data is Complete and Accurate Plan Future State Landscape ©2009 Troux Technologies, Inc.
  2. 2. Troux Technologies – Strategic IT Planning and Control learn more at alignment optimization standards eaGov ca clarity Troux Technologies connection Americas and Asia  +1 512 536 6270 USA Government  +1 703 717 5648 United Kingdom  +44 (0) 1753 725660 transformation platform Europe, Middle East & Africa  +49 89 724 060177 Email: collection ©2009 Troux Technologies, Inc.