Liberteks Security Advisory002


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Liberteks IT security bulletin related to a new virus threat

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Liberteks Security Advisory002

  1. 1. Dear Customer, You are receiving this email because of a newly found internet threat. As our antivirus customer, we notify you with when a new threat arises. We tell you how to identify the threat, and the proper precautions to avoid it. Details of the current threat are outlined below: This is a threat that is received through email message. This threat is sent via email, disguised as a trusted source, such as your insurance company or banking service. Contained within the email is a link to an alleged legitimate file (such as bank documents or payment reports), that instead initiates a download onto the machine. This download contains Malware. What the threat might look like: How to identify the threat: 1. The email requests you to access or download a file or report. 2. The sender claims to be a legitimate source, but the email is unexpected. 3. The email links via shortened URL (such as goog.le or to an external site, such as Dropbox. How to avoid the threat: 1. Do not download any files sent via email, or click or any links that take outside of your email service. 2. Be precautious of emails. If you receive an email from a bank service or payroll service, was it expected? If you have any doubt whatsoever, do not click the link or download. 3. Learn to recognize their appearance, they generally look very similar. 4. Move the suspicious emails into your SPAM folder. If you follow the above procedures, you will greatly increase your safety from this threat. Your eSet Antivirus will help you stay safe from this threat, but blocking it involves a preventative effort