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great explanation between GOOD and BETTER notebooks

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Choosing the-right-smb-laptop[infographic]-standard-print

  1. 1. Touchpad Only pointing device option Keyboard Full keyboard, not island-style or backlit CONSUMER laptop ENTERPRISE laptop Pointing Device “Nubbin” pointer between keys, as well as touchpad Keyboard Durable and spill resistant, but may not be island-style or backlit Cosmetic Exterior Aesthetics like chrome hinges Cosmetic Exterior Usually less expensive or may have consumer design Full HD Display 1080p, or 1920x1080 Lower Resolution Display 720p or 1366 x 768 Chassis Designed to keep costs lower Durable Chassis Reinforced internal structure and efficient cooling Docking Uses common port replicator and power Security Features Such as fingerprint reader Management Features Intel Active Management Technology included on chipset Small businesses that are loosely managed through cloud-based management services or not centrally managed at all don't need Intel Active Management Technology in their laptops. Enterprise-class laptops often include smart cards, fingerprint readers, or other security features that integrate with back-end infrastructure management solutions to help ensure the identity of users. non-essential technologies 1 Intel Active Management Technology 2 Biometric Hardware Enterprise Laptops can be adapted to better suit small businesses by removing these two items. Chipset Intel Active Management Technology NOT included Security May not have fingerprint reader Screen Resolution 720p or 1080p Docking If available, uses common port replicator and power Touchpad May be only pointing device option Keyboard Durable and spill resistant, but may not be island-style or backlit Exterior Durable and high quality, but without aesthetic features By examining the laptop needs of your small business and identifying the enterprise components that can be removed from the equation, you can arrive at a "sweet spot" of value and utility. Choosing the Right Small Business Laptop Brought to you by: GETTING TO THE “SWEET SPOT” Straddle the line between the unmanaged, style-conscious consumer and the heavily managed corporate world. Benefits from investments made by hardware makers in creating manageable, durable and reliable laptops. Sponsored by: CREDIT “Choosing the Right Small Business Laptop” whitepaper, published December 2013. Cost savings of laptops that don’t include unnecessary technologies and components. SMB lAPTOP Durable Chassis Reinforced internal structure and efficient cooling