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A quick presentation about Customer Experience concepts

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  1. 1. experience
  3. 3. for decades we wereforced to consumeand behave likecompanies thoughtwas right…
  4. 4. suddenly, the movement changes. Nowcompanies have more trouble hitting, predicting and understanding what customers wants of their products ...
  5. 5. there are many examples of grotesquefailures ...
  6. 6. even those we neverexpected that failed... have failed ! ...
  7. 7. And believe me…It´s easy to
  8. 8. So, what theBig deal?
  9. 9. we havechanged
  10. 10. So, now we individually
  11. 11. And this could be or
  12. 12. but, we individually
  13. 13. Some cluesVALUE OF CUSTOMERS strategy Touch point execution Source: 2010 effective experience framework 2.0 - G-CEM (Global Customer Experience Management Organization)
  14. 14. consumers crave experiences as they have become more affluent The ultimate wish list: 1. Swim with dolphins. 2. Dive on the Great Barrier Reef. 3. Fly on Concorde. 4. Whale watching. 5. Dive with sharks. 6. Skydiving. 7. Fly in a hot air balloon. 8. Fly in a fighter jet. 9. Go on safari. BBC TV survey of 20,000 people
  15. 15. So, allow us to introduce you the 6 lawsEvery interaction creates a personal reaction.People are instinctively self-‐centered.Customer familiarity breeds alignment.Unengaged employees dont create engaged customers.Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.You cant fake it.Source: The Six Laws Of Customer Experience by Bruce Temkin
  16. 16. You cant fake it. If your company is not prepared Or willing to be… CUSTOMER ORIENTED
  17. 17. Thank you! Larry sackiewicz @larrybr
  18. 18. bibliographyTake Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers by Chip R. Bell and John R. PattersonRFID Improving the Customer Experience by Mickey BrazealRevolutionize Your Customer Experience by Colin ShawnEffective Experience Framework 2.0 by G-CEMThe Six Laws Of Customer Experience by Bruce TemkinYou Had Me At Hello - SECRETS OF APPLE’S RETAIL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EXPOSED ARTICLE by Mike Wittenstein