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Larry Dodd Functional Resume


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Larry Dodd Functional Resume

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Larry Dodd Functional Resume

  1. 1. Lawrence  A  Dodd   696  San  Ramon  Valley  Blvd.,  Ste.  314   Danville,  CA  94526   (925)  408-­‐4350   go-­‐the-­‐       Summary  of  Qualifications    Proven  leader  who  combines  strategic  big-­‐picture  vision  with  effective  tactical  execution  to  deliver  consistent  positive  results  in  changing  environments.    Accomplished  strategic  change  agent  successfully  leading  cultural  change  through  acquisitions,  including  the  post  acquisition  management  of  the  San  Francisco  Giants  Baseball  Club  in  1993.    Trusted  advisor  and  strategic  thought  partner  with  broad  operational  and  financial  leadership  skills  in  professional  sports,  real  estate,  consulting  and  training  and  development  industries,  among  others.       Organizations  Served    San  Francisco  Giants         Meritage  Homes       Arthur  Andersen  Robert  Half  International       Kaiser  Permanente       Signature  Properties  Resources  Global/Deloitte  &  Touche   KB  Homes         Chevron  Signature  Development  Group     University  of  San  Francisco     Dale  Carnegie    American  Management  Association   Insituform  Technologies     Autodesk    Golden  Gate  National  Parks  Conservancy   Exodus  Communications     Tri  Valley  Growers                     Professional  Experience     • Led  strategic  cultural  change  for  private  and  public  organizations  in  challenging   environments;  developed  and  implemented  strategic  plans  in  both  rising  and  declining   markets;  created  business  planning  tools  and  instilled  the  leadership  discipline  to  execute   them  and  built  metric-­‐driven  approaches  to  managing  the  organizations.       • Recaptured  over  $10  million  in  taxes  by  successfully  challenging  existing  capitalization   policy;  developed  and  implemented  daily  cash  forecasting  tools  that  empowered  leadership   to  efficiently  manage  cash  requirements;  developed  strategic  staffing  tool  to  proactively   manage  staffing  levels  as  the  company  consolidated  and  reduced  overhead  by  $2  million  by   questioning  existing  marketing  strategy.    
  2. 2.    Professional  Experience  (Continued)     • Restructured  accounting  and  finance  department  to  reduce  time  required  to  produce   strategic  and  financial  plans  from  90  days  to  45  days;  reduced  financial  statement  closing   cycle  from  60  days  to  25  days;  developed  and  implemented  monthly  variance  reporting   process  to  identify,  explain  and  remediate  variances  on  a  monthly  basis  and  streamlined   revenue  recognition  procedures  resulting  in  increased  accuracy  and  a  reduction  in  time  for   monthly  revenue  review  meeting  from  8  hours  to  2  hours.     • Reviewed  and  evaluated  staff;  built  contribution-­‐oriented  teams  who  worked  cohesively  as   a  team  to  achieve  superior  results;  trained  and  mentored  leaders  to  perform  at  their   highest  levels;  empowered  managers  to  build  and  lead  their  own  teams  and  improved   communication  between  finance/accounting  and  other  departments.     • Created  and  implemented  internal  controls  surrounding  new  and  existing  ventures;   instituted  best  practices  to  comply  with  Sarbanes  Oxley  requirements  and  served  on   Corporate  Fraud  Prevention  Committee  and  Corporate  Oracle  Implementation  Steering   Committee.     • Managed  the  negotiation  of  post  closing-­‐settlement  of  acquisition  transaction  of  the  San   Francisco  Giants;  managed  audit  and  tax  relationships  with  Big  4  accounting  firm  and   worked  closely  with  Major  League  Baseball  on  various  business  issues.     • Consulted  with  Kaiser  Permanente  to  design  and  implement  restructuring  of  CFO  functions   for  shared  service  organizations  and  regions  outside  of  California;  developed,  documented   and  delivered  restructuring  plan  to  CFO  of  Golden  Gate  National  Parks  Conservancy  to   maximize  the  effectiveness  of  the  finance/accounting  team;  worked  with  team  of  CFOs  to   develop  and  deliver  course  to  CEOs  on  how  to  fully  utilize  their  CFOs;  completed  Chevron   change  management  course  and  participated  in  change  initiative.     • Led  4  system  conversions  (3  JD  Edwards  and  1  Platinum);  evaluated  and  revised  all   operational  processes  around  new  systems  to  gain  the  maximum  organizational  benefit   and  assured  that  conversions  were  on  budget  and  on  time.     • Developed  strong  public  speaking  and  communication  skills;  taught  hundreds  of  business   people  to  become  more  effective  leaders  by  strengthening  their  human  relations  skills  and   served  as  speaker  for  professional  associations  and  local  universities.              
  3. 3. Education  and  Achievements    Sonoma  State  University  –  Rohnert  Park,  California  Bachelors  of  Arts  in  Business  Management,  emphasis  in  Accounting  (1985)    Institute  of  Management  Accountants  Regional  Financial  Executive  of  the  Year  –  2006  Nominee  Regional  Financial  Executive  of  the  Year  –  2005    Dale  Carengie  Instructor  –  1995  –  1997  Highest  Award  for  Achievement  for  a  Graduate  Assistant  –  1995  Highest  Award  for  Achievement  for  a  Class  Member  –  1994    State  of  California  Certified  Public  Accountant  (Inactive  Status)  –  1989       Work  History    Consulting  VP  Finance,  Signature  Development  Group,  Oakland,  California   2010  –  2012  Consulting  CFO,  Robert  Half  CFO  Services,  San  Francisco,  California     2010  –  2012  Controller,  Trumpet  Behavioral  Resources,  Pleasanton,  California     2010    Consultant,  Robert  Half  Management  Resources,  Oakland,  California     2009  Consultant,  Resources  Global  Professionals,  San  Francisco,  California     2008  –  2009  Vice  President  –  CFO,  Signature  Properties,  Pleasanton,  California     2007  –  2008  Consultant,  Resources  Global  Professionals,  San  Francisco,  California     2006  –  2007  Regional  CFO  and  Vice  President,  Meritage  Homes,  Concord,  California     2004  –  2006  Consultant,  Resources  Global  Professionals,  San  Francisco,  California     1997  –  2004  Controller,  San  Francisco  Giants,  San  Francisco,  California       1993  –  1997  Assistant  Controller,  KB  Homes,  Dublin,  California         1988  –  1993  Senior  Auditor,  Arthur  Andersen  &  Co.,  San  Francisco,  California     1985  –  1988