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Cool Hunter One Sheet


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Cool Hunter One Sheet

  1. 1. HUNTERS A new television series - The Cool Hunters The spotlight is on the thousands of hot products being designed in the back rooms and hidden labs all around us. Cool Hunters investigate stories about offbeat creators and their home-brewed creations , tomorrow's fabulous fashion or sensational hit. What they find is unpredictable , inventive genius, the unintentionally funny, and the totally outrageous. Part hip news-magazine and irreverent competition, each half-hour show features entertaining and contentious comments from host, experts, and home audience. Viewers help choose who wins, who loses, and who comes back to compete for the incredible grand prize. Show #101 , Cool-Tech The Cool Hunters visit The Madonna of Space - when this stunning astrophysicist is not studying the stars, she's gathering space signals and transforming them into music. In a back room lab they find an engineer who's designed Weightless Love, a contraption that shoots out a blast of air so strong that you could lie, sleep, and fool around on it. Hidden cameras reveal unsuspecting subjects as they try to figure out just what to do with a Reverse Tanning Umbrella, carry on a conversation with a Refrigerator That Talks, and select their favorite tune while enjoying a personal moment with Musical Toilet Paper. Then experts and viewers battle it out over which products are swept into the dustbin of history and which ones might end up in millions of homes. Its all part of a new programming format , Conversational Content Cool Hunters is just one of several new television series developed for Brainfood Entertainment's brand-new programming format. Conversational Content unites show content with audience communications, and is designed to serve the needs of viewers who wish to explore provocative subjects like relationships, celebrities, and fashion. Viewers take part in polls, vote for contestants and appear quot;virtuallyquot; on the show. The only right of entry is access to a cell phone, email, web site, or home video camera. Revenue Stream - Television Distribution - Internet data mining, focus group testing and sale of products - Licensing & Merchandizing - toys, books, games, clothing, tie-in magazine - Products Featured On The Show - contestants share profits with us Audience - Millions of viewers passionate about hot products and cool people - Dream demographic - 16-34 year-old fashion conscious consumers Advertisers and Sponsors - A powerful vehicle for those who want to be linked with the leading edge of technology, fashion, and entertainment