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OSL BIMevoke statement


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OSL and BIMevoke aim to introduce a transformational change to how infrastructure projects are delivered.

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OSL BIMevoke statement

  1. 1. “OSL & BIMevoke are introducing a transformational change to how infrastructure projects are delivered” SLGlobal Building Information Modelling / Virtual Construction & Maintenance DELIVERY PARTNER OF CHOICE
  2. 2. 02 bimevoke OSL Global provides rail signalling and multidisciplinary engineering, technical and project delivery support to clients in the UK and internationally. With extensive experience in a broad range of services and solutions, OSL pride themselves on being the delivery partner of choice for a large number of organisations across the sectors in which they operate. BIMevoke, part of the OSL group, are a specialist Digital Engineering consultancy that are capable of delivering 3D design and Building Information Modelling to clients. The pairing allows for new build detail design and integration into the rail industry with processes such as DEA (Digitising of Existing Assets), which provides data rich models for improved asset lifecycle management through our bespoke software navigation package. OSL and BIMevoke aim to introduce a transformational change to how infrastructure projects are delivered. With a range of 3D and BIM services, we work as direct consultants, assessing traditional workflows and implementing BIM in accordance with BS1192 and PAS 1192 standards. We can offer expertise in the creation of Augmented Reality applications for industry, bringing detailed 2D drawings to life to enhance the design and delivery process and can also provide in-house training programmes ranging from 3D fundamentals through to advanced BIM courses. The training can take place in the client’s offices, if preferred. mission statement To establish and deliver BIM technologies and processes to the Rail industry, improving client workflows by working hand in hand to develop smarter; more efficient ways of working through the life cycle of projects. To ensure safer, more efficient operation and maintenance of facilities with improved data integrity and access. OSL are also an approved IRSE Assessing Agency with a dedicatedTraining Academy as part of a long- term plan to tackle industry competence shortages.
  3. 3. 03 bimevoke capability Let us help you instil BIM within your business, our specific services include: • 3D & BIM Consultation; • BIM Software Training; • 3D Product Modelling; • iPipe – intelligent pipe spec; • 3D Architectural Modelling; • 3D Plant Design; • BIM for Construction & Commissioning; • 3D Augmented Reality / Virtual Construction; • Site BIM via Mobile Technologies; • 3D Laser Scanning; • DEA (Digitising of Existing Assets); • 3D Interactive O&M Manuals; • Energy Modelling and Analysis. “OSLtakepridein thecompetence, professionalism and quality of our people.” With over 15 years direct industry experience and a varied client database, the team work on small, medium and large construction and engineering projects in the UK. The team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced multidisciplinary designers from all fields of industry such as Rail, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Petrochemical and Nuclear. BIMevoke has gained multiple 3D Design and Engineering awards for clients both in the UK and internationally. what makes us different Specialist areas have been developed to challenge work processes and to improve the integration of BIM throughout the life cycle of a project. services Registered 26408 We also look to share this knowledge with training. The following areas are of particular note:
  4. 4. 04 bimevoke There are many uses for AR in engineering and industrial design, where designers can create visualisations of machines and components, or provide directions on operation and maintenance. Imagine seeing a two dimensional drawing of your product, plant or building, then it spring into life with a 3D model that provides you with the ability to view it from any angle, to zoom in and scrutinise the smallest detail, or to explode the virtual model and reveal its constituent parts or levels. Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality has numerous applications from design reviews through to operation and maintenance in the field. Engineers making on site repairs to equipment can see superimposed 3D imagery using their smart device. The procedure might highlight an image of the tool that they need, the app can illustrate the exact motion the engineer needs to undertake to perform the task at hand.The augmented reality system can label all the important parts. Complex procedural repairs can be broken down into a series of simple steps. Simulations can be used to train technicians, which can significantly reduce training expenses. We are specialists in the creation of Augmented Reality Applications for industry, enhancing the design and delivery process. Demonstrations can be given in person or with easy to follow links. Digitising of Existing Assets (DEA) Our typical DEA projects consist of the following: • All asset data accessed via SQL database; • Database configured to tie in to clients own asset management systems; • Physical server supplied to client for large projects; • Latest laser scan technology used to map photographs to high res point cloud; • Full point cloud scans supplied to client; • Scans can be accessed over the internet via Webshare, or via stand alone memory stick; • Data rich 3D BIM models of maintainable Assets.
  5. 5. 05 bimevoke technology BIMevoke employ the very latest in scanning technology hardware and software to provide a fully immersive BIM experience that is technically useful and highly accurate, be it for potential or existing infrastructure, that will assist in the design for future infrastructure and continued maintenance. BIMevoke uses standard tripod mounted, drone mounted and person backpack mounted Lidar laser scanning (ground penetration and surface) and HDR camera equipment to assist in the capturing of 3D spatial data that can be exported to CAD to enable initial 3D Model build and assist in the early start on the outline design. All of the above equipment as standard provides GPS location data. Using packages such as Microstation and Autodesk CAD tools, along with enhancement software packages such as BIM 360 Field and Sceneworks, our team are able to build a virtual world in an instant, enabling real-time defects and document management at local or remote levels without the end user requiring specialist software. Virtual Site Visit – reduced cost, increased safety By creating a ‘virtual site visit’ we have been able to reduce the number of physical site visits for multi-discipline design and engineering teams and also the number of repeat inspections. Additionally, any type of document can be linked to any pixel in any part of the site, allowing it to serve as a one-stop document base for all project information. survey works collaboration This enables effective collaboration for project workflow between the various discipline sectors, as every group will be able to access the data from other disciplines as they ‘walk’ through the virtual site. The application can also be used across the web and/or internal networks. A major benefit of our service is the health and safety application of using it in locations to reduce staff visits. As the information captured by the camera is so easy to use and interpret, we are able to massively reduce the personnel needed to visit site and the number of times we need to visit. Site measurements can be verified from the image capture feature, by individuals of all technical ability, typically those who would use Google or Microsoft standard systems. Similarly, additional elements such as tree height; nearby locations and time of day lighting conditions can all be captured and taken into consideration. The other major advantages of this system is that it is highly visual, meaning that all disciplines can ‘hang’ their data from the visual front end of the site. Overall, the camera is a great communication tool and a vital implement in improving overall project design.
  6. 6. 06 bimevoke Building Information Modelling is not just about ‘Buildings’. Managing a defined infrastructure asset in a digital format enables those who interact with the model to optimise their actions, resulting in a greater whole life value for the asset. BIM utilises visual, engineering and technical data by building a full picture to assist in the delivery of a multi-discipline cross platform. This ultimately enables the end user (typically the operator or maintainer) to have the most accurate information to hand, so as best to tackle the issue presented. OSL and BIMevoke are at the forefront of technical research and development in this field, where by we are currently developing a smart system to assist in maintenance testing. Contact us now to find out more. NOT JUST ABOUT BUILDINGS bim training Flexible training to suit you. 2D to BIM transition training; • Basic 3D Modelling • Advanced 3D Modelling • Introduction to BIM • Advanced BIM training: (intelligent modelling packages) • Pilot project, with on-going mentoring • All discipline, project staff BIM orientation training • Evening courses available at our office in Warrington.
  7. 7. “OSL BIMevoke are introducing a transformational change to how infrastructure projects are delivered” contact enquiries@ tel:0044 (0)845 271 9171 SLGlobal Webster Court Carina Place Gemini Business Park Warrington WA5 8WD