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  • Title Slide IMAGINE Seeing you next vacation rental in a full panorama view Touring real estate without ever setting foot in the property Making sure your next hotel room is perfect Introducing… (NEXT SLIDE)
  • … GABLE WALK Introduction of the Client – GableWalk GableWalk is… Virtual Tours Re-Invented What are the website needs? Who are GableWalks Paying Customers? What do they need access to? How will they access the website? Do they have customers? What does their view need to look like? How will they access the website?
  • This is a new company with a lot of website needs to be considered. In other words we are starting from scratch The idea exists The .com’s are bought The method has been established The client’s customers have been determined The experience has been thought through both client and viewer
  • What is GableWalk? Why is it different? What are the traditional web needs? What are the mobile needs? Specific devices? How important is the mobile need on these devices device?
  • Mobile/Tablet Usage Growth Estimated Future
  • Why Mobile/Tablet Usage is going impact web design How, When, Where… do people view
  • Mobile Impact How do we make the website/information available on all devices From Desktop/Laptop – Tablets/Smartphones
  • Why websites need to work on all devices Websites that don’t work well on mobile devices Websites with all devices in mind
  • What is your input Are we headed in the right direction Absolutely
  • Dan bowers mobile_tablet_design

    1. 1. Realistic Property Tourswithout stepping a foot on the propertywithout stepping a foot on the propertyIMAGINE
    2. 2. Introducing GableWalk• GableWalk is...• Virtual Tours Reinvented• What are the website needs?• Identify GableWalk Customers• What do they need access to?• Do they have customers?• What is there view?
    3. 3. GableWalk is Brand New• New Company - Fresh Ideas• Website Dependent• a lot to be considered• Where are we?• url’s purchased• preliminary methods established• initial customers have been targeted• experiences outline• client• viewers
    4. 4. What will be different?• FACT: Virtual Tours aren’t new• What will be different• Service Based• Range of Options• do it yourself - contracted service• Traditional Web Needs• Desktop/Laptop• Mobile Needs & Importance• Smart Phones• Tablets
    5. 5. WHY Mobile?• Usage• Smart phones @ 44% penetration(Q1 2012)• Data Traffic• UP over 400% in 3 years• Future• It’s only going up• Google Glasses• Clothing• Even Implants• Mobile - Outboard Brian
    6. 6. Mobile Device Usage
    7. 7. IMAPCT• NO APP• Available on all devices• Built in HTML 5• Mobile Friendly• Sign Up• View NOW & LATER• Save to view on larger screen• Return to App Button
    8. 8. Optimized for All Devices?• You can’t predict howpeople will access you.• First impressions?• Retention• Increased Traffic• Only Some GET IT!• Good Examples• Bad Examples
    9. 9. Bad Mobile Site 1• 1995 (Looks Like)• Boring• Hard to Navigate• Hard to Understand
    10. 10. Bad Mobile Site 2• Mobile Phone company withNO Mobile Site• Looks OK till you find out it’snot optimized for mobile• We all know how hard sitesmade for computers are tonavigate on a mobile devices• Need I say more?
    11. 11. Site Awesomeness 1• Big Buttons• Easy to use• Pages are simple• Good Flow• Full of Useful Information
    12. 12. Site Awesomeness 2• Feature Rich like the full site• Large Buttons• Simple• Full of Useful Information• Uses the Keyboard well
    13. 13. • Is GableWalk headed in the right direction?• What ideas or input do you have?
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