Lyric analysis big quan always on my mind


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Lyric analysis big quan always on my mind

  1. 1. In the introduction to the song theartist dedicates it tothe girlwhereby he says “That specialone I used to be with, this for yougirl”. This shows that she reallymeant a lot to him. Translating thispart of the lyrics into a visual, I Introductioncan imagine him (person playing Yo (laugh) this your boy Big Quan You already knowBig Quan) having a flashback of manhim and his ex-girlfriend in a plac This to that special one I know, you feel mee that they used to go together,for e.g. him and his ex-girlfriend That special one I used to be withchilling together at his house, This for you girlplaying xbox, laughing and him I got you, you know how I meanbeing in the room rapping to the Liverpool artiest family entertainment entbaababyyaudience.“Maybe I’m trippin, maybe I’mjust slippin” at this point he isthinking to himself and trying to Verse 1get his head around them not Maybe I’m trippin, maybe I’m just slippin, or maybebeing together any more. The I’m jonzingina funny sensevisual to this lyrical content couldbe him walking through a Shorty... We took a six day seven night ocean cruiseshopping centre rapping and tripusing hand jesters to illustrate the Come on baby see inside its up the palm trees ,lyrics. This could then be followed see insiders of the sun,by a green screen of pictures in seeing signs of you smiling girl,the background of themtogether. “Smiling girl” could be You really had me yo going girlshown in a high key lighting shot I thought I was your manof her smiling then giving him a I thought I was your main boogiekiss. The use of the lighting coulddisplay that they are happy Man you switched up on me,together. How you gonna leave me for the next nigger man “I thought I was you man” could And have me jonzing in a funny sensebe shown through a flashbackof But nar man this is my song to let you know I didn’tthem having a good time which lose my mojothen turns into another shot of her I’m doing everything that we did, but better inawalking with her bags and getting funny senseinto the new guys car - while thenew guy is sitting on the car With the next brard, and this is my songbonnet waiting for her. These two To let you know that I really really think about you yoshots could be shown through atransition such as a fade orcrumble of the screen. Chorus“To let you know that I really really Always on my mindthink about you yo” could be And still in my heartdemonstrated by him looking at You’re always on my mindpictures of them together in a Although we are apartbed room to show that he is Your always, your alwaysdwelling on the past. Always onnnn my mind“Always on my mind Baby (always on my mind)And still in my heartYou’re always on my mind” is thefirst half of the choruswhichconnotes that he can’t stopthinking about her. The visual tothis part can be of what theyused to do together shownthrough aflash back in fast pace,portraying all the good times.
  2. 2. “Although we are apart”although they are apart he still Verse 2thinks about her this visual to Pain is pleasure and pleasure is painthis is flash backs of when she So when you ask yourself do you all think it’s theleft him same Nar man it aint the same“Always onnnn my mind” can That word comfort got me all messed up in thebe shown once again by himlooking through pictures of gamethem together in his room. Yo, I was there for this chick more than her own blood I sware to god man someone to holdSecond verse Someone to talk to, someone to encourage“Pain is pleasure and pleasure Someone to be there when you need that extrais pain” up to “Nar man it aint stepthe same” will be him walkingalone in the shopping centre But you must didn’t appreciate itrapping. So I guess I was just waistingintensity Or just wasting my life lineThe next part of the lyrics willbe him looking back on the To even be ina relationship with you girltime he took her out to a But look man, its besides that pointrestaurant. I aint worried bout you This aint a dis song this ainta love songThat flash back then smashes This is a song to let you understand that I’m re(transition) as he goes into the birthed and I don’t need you no more girlnext part of the second verse“But you must didn’tappreciate it”. Chorus Always on my mind“It’s besides that point” and to And still in my heartthe end of that verse, he is You’re always on my mindshown in his room putting allthe things she bought him in Although we are apartthe bin. Your always, your always Always onnnn my mindBack to the chorus is shown Baby the reason why I knowthrough pictures of them all I can’t forget your faceover the screen and with her Coz everywhere I godriving off in the car with the I see you every placenew guy. Your always your
  3. 3. To summarise the lyrics to this song always on my mind by Big Quan, it is anarrative structure telling the listeners a story about him and his ex-girlfriend.He dedicates the song to her form the very beginning “This to that specialone I know, you feel me That special one I used to be with, this for you girl”.Throughout the song he is reminiscing on the good times that they hadtogether “We took a six day seven night ocean cruise trip”. He then moves onto how she became his ex-girlfriend by rapping about he can’t believe sheleft him for another guy, “How you gonna leave me for the next nigger”. Thechorus then goes saying “Always on my mind” etc. basically letting her knowthat despite her leaving him for someone else she’s always on his mind. Thenext verse he is thinking back to what he done for her, how he was alwaysthere, “I was there for this chick more than her own blood” and thinks that thisrelationship was a waist of his time. He then moves onto the point of this song,and that is that “This is a song to let you understand that I’m re birthed and Idon’t need you no more girl”.Throughout the song the lyrics are represented through the meis- en- sceneand the codes and conventions of this genre. The codes and conventionsthat conform to the R&B and Hip Hop genre in this music video are the use ofprops such as, expensive car, money and designer clothes. Not only arethere elements that conform, there are also some codes and conventionsthat subvert to the expectations of this genre. One of them is the femalecostume. The main female in our music video subverts to what the audiencewould expect her to ware in this genre. Her costume is classy and appeals tomale and female a target audience ages 18-21. Whereas the codes andconventions the audience would expect her to wear would be somethingrevealing and appealing to the male audience. We decided to portray thisimage because it wouldn’t show much relevance to the narrative of thesong. Her costumes fit the location she will be in, as we will be filming inLondon at the moment we are in winter that is why as part of her costumeshe is wearing a jacket and scarf.All the characters that are mentioned in the song eg “This to that special oneI know” and “next nigger” are included in the video to help tell portray thenarrative. At the beginning of the track the artist introduces himself by saying“this your boy Big Quan” at this point the character Big Quan will be on thescreen rapping on a green screen with pictures of that special girl to showthe audience who he is talking about.The new boyfriend will be introduced to the audience when Big Quan raps“Man you switched up on me, How you gonna leave me for the next niggerman” another part of the song that indicates the lyrics is when he says “I wasthere for this chick more than her own blood” at this point he will see a flashback of the two of them in a restaurant. A particular prop that will be used toindicate the lyrics will be pictures of the two of them and Big Quan will beripping them up on the last verse to show that he doesn’t need her anymoreand he is re born.
  4. 4. The choice of language shows that the target audience is young. This isshown through colloquial language. “yo” is the first word that is said thisstraight away lets the audience know that it is aimed at a young audienceand that is the way to say hello in certain areas and age groups. On the trackBig Quan sounds America to me; he uses colloquial wordsthat I am notfamiliar with as I am not from his country/area. Egjonzing, boogie, mojo.The artist is young so that would straight away indicate that his targetaudience is around the same age group. There are a few genre specificterminologies used in the song such as referring to the girl as shorty andcalling her girl rather than her name. This is commonly used in this genre ofmusic.