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The Rest of Your Story - June 21, 2017


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Presentation for the United Way of Greater Houston

Published in: Marketing
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The Rest of Your Story - June 21, 2017

  1. 1. Lara Zuehlke June 21, 2017 Developing Content that Engages, Educates & Inspires Action The Rest ofYour Story
  2. 2. First Day of School Country Kids &Their Pigs 2
  3. 3. !Punch through the Noise
  4. 4. Big Data Big Competition More content doesn’t yield more results. Analysis of 13 million pieces of content from 8,800 brands over a two-year span. From 2013 and 2014, production rose by 78% and engagement fell by 60%. Source: Go-Globe. May 2016 4
  5. 5. AllWhileAttention SpansShrink
  6. 6. TWO BOUQUETS TWO BRICKS 6 Think > Partner > Share What are 2 bricks or challenges you currently face? What are 2 things working well in capturing and telling your story?
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8 So, Where Are You Focused?
  9. 9. The Content Arc Connect to Inspire Create a connection and tell a story that inspires them to take the next step. Engage to Educate Engage to educate readers about your brand & how you can help them. Motivate to Action Move them from awareness to action to take the next step. SMS @
  10. 10. !The Art of Storytelling
  11. 11. 11 The Power of Story At our core, we seek meaning & connection. Storytelling is in our DNA. Stories have the power to challenge us, educate us, excite us—and move us! Not about what you say—it’s about what they value & remember.
  12. 12. More Content, Less Marketing JOURNALISTS Liberal Arts Training Find & Report the Story Facts & Sources Intent to Inform Business School Training Create the Story Facts to Fit Intent to Sell BIAS OBJECTIVITY MARKETERS 12
  13. 13. You Talking to Me? “The Storylistening Trance” Who’s your target audience? What matters most to them? Foundational vs. Emerging vs.Aspirational 13
  14. 14. Building Brand through Storytelling 14
  15. 15. !Identify the Story OnlyYou CanTell
  16. 16. Sharing the Story 20
  17. 17. 17 The Pixar Pitch Once upon a time there was a…a widowed fish named Marlin who was protective of his son, Nemo. (The current issue or state.) Every day…Marlin warned Nemo of the ocean’s dangers and not to venture too far. (The ongoing situation, as a threat or opportunity.) Then one day…Nemo defies his father’s warning and swims into the open water. (A turning point presented by the challenge or solution.) Because of that…Nemo is captured by a diver and ends up in a dentist’s fish tank in Sydney. (Challenge or solution #1.) Because of that…Marlin sets off on a journey to find Nemo with the help of other sea creatures. (Challenge or solution #2.) Until finally…Marlin and Nemo find each other, reunite and Nemo learns love requires trust. (The resolution/lesson/unique outcome)
  18. 18. 19
  19. 19. !CreateYour Content Plan
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. The Storytelling Roadmap What’s your story? Who are your characters? 01. IdentifyYour Story ] n 02. MapYour Journey Where are you going? How will you get there? ] 03. Define Roles 
 & Responsibilities Who’s helping you? 04. Write Great Stories> How can you tell your story better? 05. Share & Measure How will you know when you arrive? s Repeat Here! å Start Here! ã 21
  22. 22. Define Your Strategy Content Planning Message Development Identify the Message Develop the Story Map the Message Building Storytellers For Brand Building For Selling For Thought Leadership For Internal Communications Feeding the Pipeline Establish Content Calendars Define Editorial Process Streamline Writing & Editing Repurposing Content Strategy Development Audits & Strategic Planning Audience Mapping Analytics (SEO & Keywords) Engagement Path / KPIs Policies & Protocols Sharing & Measuring Monitor & Measurement Channel-specific Strategies PESO Content Integration ! 22
  23. 23. Creating a Realistic Plan 23
  24. 24. !Write Engaging Content
  25. 25. Brainstorm research places history surprises heroes Creativity people trends experts Ideas Are Everywhere! 25
  26. 26. make it personal | use vivid descriptions | share stories when to use how to capture introduce ideas | gain support | align with ideas/brands when to use advocate for a choice | change direction | seek agreement how to capture describe & create buy-in | provide data & expertise 

 | share benefits & facts Heart Share Mind Share 26 Creating Powerful Content
  27. 27. The way we perceive and process information impacts the decisions we make & 
 actions we take.
  28. 28. 28 Define Roles & Responsibilities Contributors: Generates content ideas and develops stories. Also supports reporting. Owners: Initiates and oversees all aspects of channel’s success. Accountability falls to them. Advisor: Supports Owner with channel strategy, goals, content ideation and reporting. May also write content. Edits & approves content.
  29. 29. !Measure. Assess. Repeat.
  30. 30. 30 How Do You Define Success? Which destinations should you elevate? What are your key performance indicators for each? Which drivers should you elevate? How often are you measuring? How are you using your data to make new decisions?
  31. 31. 31 Brand Building Focus on outcomes-based goals Softer calls to action (learn more) Introduce, invite & create awareness Measures could include ‣Traffic type & source ‣ Bounce rate ‣ Individual post performance Broader conversion path Sales Building Encourage specific action Clear, pre-defined path for conversion Specific calls to action (download/sign up) Measures could include ‣ Email open rates ‣ Click-through conversion points ‣ Additions to database ‣ Donations/sales Focus on output-based goals
  32. 32. Maximizing Your Site 32
  33. 33. The only magic bullet in marketing is the wonder we create by the stories we tell.You have to make that story relevant to them. Invite their curiosity and leave them wanting to know more.C “B
  34. 34. Produced by:The Richards Group ©2013 Dodge Click Here for Paul Harvey Dodge Commercial
  35. 35. Any Feedback? 2 ThingsYou Learned to Share or Use 1 ThingYou Would Change or Want to Learn More 36 1 ThingYou Liked Best
  36. 36. Questions? Comments? Lara Zuehlke Director of Content 512-448-4950