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Community medicine endorsements


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Community medicine endorsements

  1. 1. COMMUNITY MEDICINEENDORSEMENTS:I. Schedule Day Time Venue What to do 8:00 am Pedro Gil Health Well-baby, Consults Monday 1:00 pm Center Prenatal, Consults Endorsement with 7:00 am OM Acads Building Tuesday Dra. Samaniego ?? ?? Project Planning 8:00 am Satellite Health Center Consults Wednesday 1:00 pm OM Acads Building Acupuncture Lecture 2:00 pm Specialty Clinic Acupuncture Aerobics Thursday 6:00 am GK Onyx Consults 8:00 am Vicariate Consults Friday ?? ?? Project PlanningII. Reminders 1) Dr. Romulus Hilario is your resident-in-charge. 2) Jedi will be your leader according to Doc Collao. 3) Please do come on time everyday. Dr. Hilario comes really early. 4) Requirements: Community Project at GK Onyx Family Case Weekly Community Census Monthly Census 5 Accomplished Logbooks (attendance, PGHC, Satellite, GK, Vicariate) 5) During Mondays, You are with Dr. Alan Purugganan at the PGHC. You must be there on or before 8am to attend the flag ceremony. Dr. Collao also comes during Mondays. She is particular with time so again, come on time. Be sure to have the needed materials: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, stethoscope, fundicometer, otoscope, penlight. Also, have at least 1 MIMS everyday. Assign 2-3 persons to bring scrubs, gloves, cap, and mask just in case you will be called for discharge IE, delivery, etc. at the lying-in. 6) During Wednesdays, After the acupuncture lecture, get the list of patients at the Nurses’ station. If it’s not there, probably, it’s in the FM office already. Get it together with the logbook. Call patients according to the names listed in the list.
  2. 2. 7) During Thursdays, Prepare a 30-min routine. Come early and invite people to join you. Brother Tony, Ma’am Rica (President of the Heart Club), Ate Tacing (Person-in-Charge), and Ate Alma are the people you may talk to for your concerns. Use your time to find an interesting family for your family case.8) During project planning, Use your time wisely. If you plan to get sponsors, think twice. =) Be sure to course through the proper authorities always. Attached herewith is the situational analysis of the community.9) PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF DOC ROM. =)