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New uses for old tools 4 18-13


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New uses for "old" social media tools - presented to Columbus AMA #DigiSig in April 2013

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New uses for old tools 4 18-13

  1. 1. New Uses forOld ToolsAMA #DigiSigApril 18, 2013
  2. 2. Social Media Trend #12Engagement may be queen, butcontent is still king. Nothingboosts search like social content.
  3. 3. Social Media Trend #23
  4. 4. Social Media Trend #34
  5. 5. Twitter
  6. 6. Is Twitter old?Just celebrated its 7th birthday!Now has 500 million dailytweets and 200 million activeusers
  7. 7. Unique/unusual/untapped usesHashtag streams on-screen at eventsTwitter landing pages/microsites (via Twylah). before @ to reach allTwitter partiesCrowdsourcing
  8. 8. Using HashtagsUseful in organizing and trendingUse to find and track relevant tagsTo search hashtags, go to your navigation bar andenter it into the search field. Results will populatebelowSearches can be saved by clicking on the gearRecommended uses for hashtags:Find people/companies with similar interestsCreate conversations around a brand or eventCreate structured online events (Twitter Chats)Monitor topics of interest (i.e., eating local,conferences, etc.)Discover new sources and informationQuickly assess sentiment
  9. 9. Using ListsWhat is a Twitter List?Hand-selected group of Twitter users with acommon interestCreate your own lists or subscribe to listscreated by othersViewing a list will show you a stream of tweetsfrom only the users on that listBenefits of using Lists:Easily segment followersIndustry expertsMedia outlets/reportersMonitor competitorsFollow or participate in events in real time
  10. 10. Strategic Following to Grow FollowersWays to find new followers:Find handles via Twitter SearchUse Twitter’s recommendationsSee who is following/not followingyouFriendorfollowUse Twitter handle directoriesTwellowWeFollow
  11. 11. Twitter ContestsPrizes may be offered for tweeting a particular update, for following aparticular user or for posting updates with a specific hashtagA few rules to live by:Discourage the creation of multiple accountsDiscourage the same tweet repeatedlyAsk users to include an @reply to you in their update so you cansee all the entriesEncourage the use of topics relevant to the contestFull Twitter rules:
  12. 12. Facebook
  13. 13. Is Facebook old?• Facebook will be 10 inFebruary 2014• Facebook stays “young” byalways changing!Timeline: March 2012New user timeline: nowGraph search: soonRolling newsfeed: now
  14. 14. Unique/unusual/untapped usesInterest ListsCover image + profile pic integrationGraph searchSchedule/target postsHighlight/pin postsReplace websiteBlog (via Notes)
  15. 15. Do More with Timeline
  16. 16. Graph searchNew “smart” search delivers results based on Likes, connections, etc.
  17. 17. Remember Mobile UsersApps you create do not show up on mobile – mustsend users to a unique URL
  18. 18. Schedule/Target PostsStatus updates can be preloaded,targeted
  19. 19. Content, Content, Content
  20. 20. Make Posts Stand OutHighlighted posts (Starred): Becomes widescreenhorizontal photos work bestPinned posts (Ribbon):displayed at top of page for 7 days
  21. 21. Maximize MilestonesMilestones take up more real estate on page, typically a significant event in yourcompany/organization’s history, opportunity to tell your back story
  22. 22. Facebook AdvertisingYou can promote: Page, App, Event, External WebsiteCan target ad audience based on demographics, friends, interests, moreTypes of advertising:Facebook Ads: appear on right side of your screenSponsored Stories: appear in news feed as messages from your friendsabout them engaging with Pages, apps or eventsPromoted Posts: appear high up in news feed, labeled “Sponsored”
  23. 23. Photos, Photos, Photos!Photos and video are the lifebloodof FacebookAs Guy Kawasaki says, “Facebookis a pictures economy”“Often I just put a picture of oursunset or property, and it gets mea few hundred Likes and 30-50comments. A few times I’ve spenthours creating a huge post, and itdoesn’t get nearly the same levelsof feedback as that beach picturegets. Sometimes the easy routegets the best results.”
  24. 24. Photo Sizing Cheat SheetImage SizeCover Photo 851x351 pxProfile Image 160x160 px ( but must upload 180x180)Apps 111x74 pxFeatured Post/Milestone 843x403 pxUploaded Photos 2048x2048 pxUploaded Timeline Photo Thumbnail 403x403 pxVideo Preview Thumbnail 403x226 px
  25. 25. Learn From Facebook Insights
  26. 26. Pinterest
  27. 27. Is Pinterest old?Already 3 years oldAlmost 50 million users (some ofthem rabid!)A top 30 site in the US
  28. 28. Unique/unusual/untapped usesSecret/private boardsShowcase campaign resultsUse instead of websiteUse for recruitingTell a story
  29. 29. Google+
  30. 30. Is Google+ old?• Google+ is the baby here –will be 2 in June 2013• 343 million users (27%considered active)• 2nd largest social platformbehind Facebook
  31. 31. Unique/unusual/untapped usesBlogging platformLive online events via Google+ Hangouts (even monetized, a la Glamour)Find Hangouts to join or watch ( hashtag streams for thought leadershipBookmarking (simply create a Circle, don’t invite anyone and save linksthere)
  32. 32. Virtual Photo Walks
  33. 33. YouTube
  34. 34. Is YouTube old?• YouTube is 8 years old• 800 million+ monthly uniquevisitors• 2nd largest search engine inthe world• 4 billion hours of videoviewed each month
  35. 35. Unique/unusual/untapped usesSEO your videos (text and onscreen)Create playlistsInteract with others’ content if you don’t have new videosResearch video trends going back to 2008 via Google Trends
  36. 36. Instagram
  37. 37. Is Instagram old?• Instagram will be 3 inOctober 2013• 100 million monthly activeusers• 40 million photos per day• 8,500 likes per second• 1,000 comments per second
  38. 38. Unique/unusual/untapped usesInfluencer outreachInclude some photos with calls to action (drive to website)Show behind the scenes action (events, manufacturing, etc)Use followers/customers as modelsPrint Instagram photos via Snapstagram
  39. 39. Parting thoughts
  40. 40. When to PostThere is no perfect time to postTest different times of day, night andweekendConsider your audienceJan. 2013 article analyzed interaction byindustry:
  41. 41. Facebook:Schedule updates via Facebook1 to 4 p.m. result in the highest average clickthroughsPeak time of the week: Wednesday at 3 p.m.Less clicks on the weekendsTraffic peaks mid-week, 1 to 3 p.m.;fades after 7 p.m.Twitter:Schedule tweets via HootsuiteTweets posted early in the week in theafternoon have highest click throughs(1-3 p.m. Monday through Thursday)Less clicks at night and weekendsPeak traffic times are 9 a.m. through 3p.m., Monday through ThursdayWhen to Post Guide from
  42. 42. Create a Content CalendarCan include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blog, etc.Looks different based on client (Excel, Word)Use as a guide; be able to adapt accordingly – may not want to pre-loadUse Facebook insights and URL shortener analytics to determinewhich type of content is most appealingThink beyond text to killer visualsKeep character count in mind – less can be more!Leverage other communication properties – align messaging and themeswith advertising, digital, and so on
  43. 43. Questions?Let’s connect!@LaraK @FahlgrenMortine