Ergonomics for stay at-home employees


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With increasing trend of Working from home, it becomes even more necessary to understand the necessity of a ergonomic personal workspace

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Ergonomics for stay at-home employees

  1. 1. Ergonomics for Stay-at-Home EmployeesHow to boost your work performance with ergonomical products
  2. 2. Fact: More and more people want to be “freelancers” Freelancing is the act of working without any long-term commitment to a specific company Nowadays more people are enamored by the act of working from home instead of working in establishments or companies. This trend has been on-going for years First for people seeking extra income or side- careers Now very popular even to younger professionals seeking legitimate money-making careers
  3. 3. The Charms of Freelancing1. Convenience – you don’t have to travel or even go out of your house just to work2. Flexible schedule – set yourself to work on your own pace3. Less stress – no more dealing with toxic co- workers4. You are your own boss – aside from your clients, of course5. You can have more time for other endeavors you want to pursue
  4. 4. All You Need: Your own computer/laptop and some other devices for your convenience A reliable internet connection An accomplished portfolio An ergonomic product based on your needs as well as your computer’s.
  5. 5. The Disadvantages in Working from Home Lack of social life - Do you remember your friends? When was the last time you went out to see them? Health risks abound, even in the comforts of your home - Lack of Vitamin D - Eye strain
  6. 6. The Disadvantages… (cont) - Back, shoulder, and neck pain - lack of exercise - carpal tunnel syndrome These disadvantages can and will… - Evolve into more serious conditions over time - Induce bad mood and decrease your productivity
  7. 7. The Answer? Ergonomics! What is Ergonomics? - a relatively new study that focuses on the betterment of working conditions whether at home or in offices. - Ergonomics can offer you a wide variety of solutions to overcome these difficulties in your work environment. - Some examples: laptop stands, desk stands, notebook stands, riser stands, lift stands, and monitor stands.
  8. 8. Introducing the Laptop Stand Made from durable material - sometimes enhanced or accentuated by steel or polished aluminum in proper places. These are very easy to use - Simply assemble the pieces, place your laptop on it, connect the wires should there be some, and you’re set.
  9. 9. Introducing… (cont) Laptop riser stands elevate your laptop to the appropriate height and position - Eliminates the need for hunching over - Eliminates the need to incessantly tilt your laptop monitor (note: this may even damage your laptop monitor, if you’re not careful.)
  10. 10. Introducing… (cont) Stands help you adjust the angle of your device to an optimal position (may it be a notebook or a laptop) - this allows you to avoid physical injuries such as eye strain, back pain, and neck pains
  11. 11. Introducing… (cont) There are multifunctional laptop stands that are available with multiple USB ports, a wrist cushion, and a cooling pad - Allows you to connect all your other devices in with your laptop - Prevents your laptop from overheating - Takes care of your laptop as much as it takes care of you.
  12. 12. Introducing… (cont) These devices can even help you organize your workspace - centralizes all your devices in one location - clears up space which you can use for other purposes - allows for better work mood and efficiency.
  13. 13. In Conclusion The simple act of introducing ergonomic products such as laptop stands and its variations can improve both your health and work performance. This is definitely a win-win solution to your problems.
  14. 14. Product Recommendations Here are some products that we can recommend to you. In terms of reliability, performance, and affordability, these products simply outshine the others. All items available in
  15. 15.  The iLap Laptop Stand secures your laptop in its appropriate place all the while keeping it cool with its bottom cooling pad. Front cushion also provides comfort to users’ wrists. Link:
  16. 16.  The Notebook Stand tilts your notebook to a prime angle for maximum viewing pleasure. Secures the front end of your notebook with front slots Back side is open to allow heat to escape from your device. Link:
  17. 17.  The Kensington Adjustable Laptop Stand allows your laptop to stand out – literally! With multiple USB ports so you can connect your devices to your laptop Link: smartfit-adjustable-laptop-stand/