Who is LapSafe Products?


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LapSafe Products is the UK's expert in managing mobile IT and created the UK's first ever laptop storage and charging trolley in 2000. This presentation explains more about us and our product range, including laptop trolleys, laptop lockers, iPad trolleys, IT security and much more.

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Who is LapSafe Products?

  1. 1. experts in managing mobile computing
  2. 2. Who are we?• We are the UK’s expert in managing mobile computing.• We created the UK’s first ever laptop storage and charging trolley in 2000 and have been innovating ever since.• We have been a trusted brand in the private and public sector for more than a decade.• We work with more than 500 leading IT resellers around the world.
  3. 3. What makes us different?• We lead where others follow – we created the UK’s first ever laptop trolley in 2000.• We manufacture the most comprehensive range of mobile IT management solutions on the market.• We have over a decade’s worth of experience in managing mobile IT alone, more than any other manufacturer.• We have a solution for every need and budget, from low-cost laptop trolleys to sophisticated charging lockers.• Our charging trolleys only charge devices horizontally to protect your valuable equipment.• Our charging products feature soft-start, mains-conditioning, surge and residual voltage protection as STANDARD.• We only manufacture steel trolleys and lockers for durability and security.• Our comprehensive after-sales service is second-to-none.
  4. 4. Mentor™Range
  5. 5. Upgradeable, intelligent and highly secure• The UK’s original laptop trolley• Available in three sizes for 15-30 laptops or 30-60 netbooks• Fully upgradeable – add or change laptops and peripherals• Superior build quality, reliable and built to last• Market leading safety and security features• Highly efficient temperature controlled fans• Constructed of 70 per cent recycled steel• Optional docking station.
  6. 6. Upgradeable, intelligent and highly secure• Lifetime Parts and Labour Warranty• Fully CE Certified and meets all British safety standards• ChargeLine™ charging uses the original AC adaptors• Unique SmartLine™ uses preconfigured leads to save time and eradicate messy wires• automatically shuts the power off when laptops have finished charging, saving energy and protecting battery life.• It’s the most sophisticated solution available on the market
  7. 7. UnoCart™Range
  8. 8. Cost-effective, quality and reliable• Our mid-range solution to charge 16 to 24 laptops or 16 to 30 netbooks• Market leading safety features• Effective AC adaptor cable management• Compatible with large format and widescreen laptops• Highly efficient temperature controlled fans• Anti-slip rubber mat for on-top-off-trolley storage• Two foot operated breaks• Three year warranty• Available in a choice of colours• Additional options: • Data Transfer • RAP • Top mounted sockets • Docking station.
  9. 9. ClassBuddy™
  10. 10. Low-cost, metal and aesthetically pleasing• Low cost laptop trolley to charge 15,20 or 30 laptops or 30 netbooks• The quality and reliability associated with the trusted LapSafe® brand• Environmentally friendly, secure and durable: constructed of 70 per cent recycled steel• Light and manoeuvrable• Protects devices by charging them horizontally. Available in 7 colours
  11. 11. Low-cost, metal and aesthetically pleasing• Efficient natural ventilation, with temperature controlled fans added with Data Transfer Option• Market leading safety features• Effective cable management• Piano hinge and three point locking doors for security• Optional RAP, data transfer and docking station. Available in 7 colours
  12. 12. UnoCart™ for iPads• Safe sync and charge for one MacBook in 16 or 32 iPad versions• Secure overnight storage for the MacBook inside the cabinet• Security cable provided for the MacBook during synchronisation• Effective cable management• Top mounted USB socket for MacBook• Three charging options available • Sync only • Charge only • Sync and charge• No pull-out shelves that can risk the cabinet toppling over• Large breaking wheels for mobility• 270o degree fold back fully opening doors• Optional scheduled sync and charge cycles• CE Certified and meets all British safety standards
  13. 13. Diplomat™Safe charging locker withintelligent asset controlmanagement for laptopsand similar devices
  14. 14. Self-service charging lockers with RFID• Multi-bay self-service lockers to charge, secure, track and manage 15 to an unlimited number of mobile devices, including laptops, netbooks and tablets• Steel chassis and doors for security• Locking options including RFID, pin codes or cam locks• RFID compatible with MIFARE• Market leading safety features• Optional Data Transfer• Thermostatically controlled temperature management system• LED charge status indicator• Meets all required British safety standards and is Fully CE Certified.
  15. 15. ExplorerLAB™
  16. 16. The UK’s first metal mobile science lab•Bring science to any classroom with this revolutionary teaching platform and fullyfunctioning science lab on wheels•Robust and rust-free•Conforms to ISO 9001 : 2008 specifications, all British safety standards and is CE andSASO Certified•Chemical resistant work-surface•Tap and sink that can hold 5l of water and a storage area for 5l of waste liquid.
  17. 17. The UK’s first metal mobile science lab• Storage and charging for five netbooks with unique SmartLine™ charging that uses pre-configured leads for safety. Netbooks can be used with data-loggers.• Four drawers are supplied to store high quality scientific glassware. Each drawer is fitted with protective foam inserts, cut to support and protect the glassware.• Specific in-door storage is provided for test tubes, pippets and an airpump.• Accessory drawer provides safe storage for safety goggles, latex gloves and tissues included with the mobile lab.
  18. 18. USB Charging Case™
  19. 19. Perfect for delivering educational gaming• Charging for 16 USB devices, including educational gaming devices• Individually fused built-in charging leads• Simultaneous low-voltage charging• CE Certified and meets all British safety standards• Two metre mains lead with a 5amp fuse.
  20. 20. Static cabinets And more... Desktop laptop power points Security cablesCharging lockers Personal safesExternal battery chargers Kiosks
  21. 21. Don’t just take our word for it...Headteacher at Great Easton Primary School:“We wanted a quality product that was safe, portable and could cope with daily usage by four to elevenyear olds! The UnoCart™ gave us this and much more, without breaking the bank.”ICT Engineer at Sedgefield Community College:“Our Mentor™ trolleys have been fantastic. I’d recommend LapSafe® Products to any school, becausethe excellent quality of their trolleys and comprehensive after-sales support represent true value formoney.”Project Leader and Business Systems Analyst at Guernsey Grid for Learning:“We first saw the Mentor™ at the BETT Show, and were immediately impressed. Although we alsolooked at competitor products, it was clear that LapSafe® is the Rolls Royce of storage and chargingtrolleys.”Network Services Manager at Burnley College:“Teachers think our LapSafes® are the best thing since sliced bread.”Reading School“It would be a far better world if all firms treated customers as you have done.”
  22. 22. We’d love to chat FREE 0800 130 3456sales@lapsafe.comwww.lapsafe.comwww.facebook.com/lapsafeproducts@lapsafewww.lapsafe.wordpress.com