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ICT Security in Schools poster


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A poster of ICT security tips for schools to help schools keep their mobile ICT secure. Includes tips for preventing laptop theft from schools.

Published in: Education, Technology
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ICT Security in Schools poster

  1. 1. Tips for preventing ICT theft Be aware: Should your premises be broken into, the chance of a repeat offence increases dramatically. If you have been a victim of laptop theft, change where 1) Make external ICT technicians present ID you store your laptops as criminals could break in again, knowing just where to look. 2) Ensure that all visitors sign in and out and arrange for someone to accompany them around the building. Hide your trolley: Be anonymous: 1) Keep laptop trolleys away from the If you take a laptop home to work on, windows and never leave their keys lying carry it in an anonymous bag to avoid around. alerting thieves to its contents. 2) Invest in a secure docking station to lock your laptop trolley to a wall overnightLock it down: Use an alarm: Choose a secure laptop trolley:If your school is located in an area It is a good idea to select awith a high crime rate, or when pupils Laptops and tablets can be protected in a laptop trolley with a motionare working in open-plan areas, secured, lockable cabinet that can be bolted to sensor alarm to further detersecurity cables and lock downs can the wall. This cabinet should be constructed of thieves.prevent equipment from being taken reinforced steel, not wood or plastic, and bewhilst it is in use. designed to resist crowbars, cutting equipment and lock-pickers. Always encrypt: More than encryption: Use a secure locker: Always install encryption software onto your Encryption should not be relied If students issue themselves withTag your assets upon alone. Laptops data that laptops, you could invest in a mobile ICT devices. Encryption can they contain exceeds the laptop charging locker that enablesApply asset tags or security coding to each laptop and keep protect students by scrambling pupils to access devices via data to make it difficult for thieves resell value. smartcards which enables you toasset register up to date. If your equipment is stolen, thesemarkings will identify the devices to your school, deterring to determine its meaning, often track and monitor individualthieves from stealing equipment as they will not be able to rendering stolen data useless. laptops whereabouts. Or ifsell it on without being detected. damaged or lost, who was accountable for using it last.