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Gi2c bait & switch scam experts


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Gi2c Scam propaganda explained... Their main scam is bait and switch along with salary skimming if they can talk you into becoming an English teacher in China (Google China, silent, scam or search it at BEWARE that this clever fraud is also being marketed under the names of Wiseway Global, Getin2China, Laowai Career Center, and Gi2c. More alias names will be announced soon.

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Gi2c bait & switch scam experts

  1. 1. SOUNDS GREAT EH? It is just all an elaborate fraud. Keep in mind that they want you to pay them $5,499 for this “great package”. What they don’t tell you is that you will be put to work as an English Teacher since AFTER you get to China you are told the position reserved for you was allegedly cancelled, filled by a part-time employee or is part of a “hiring freeze”. The monthly allowance of $200 - $400 they give you will not even pay for your meals for one month! Then they want you to recruit for them to help scam others. The contest prize is simply a ponzi scheme where they just rebate you $1,000 from the $5,500 you paid them if your name is drawn from a hat with 50 other names in it! You first paycheck is $2,000 - $4,000 IF you take the English Teaching job they try to shove down your throat. Dis You really pay $7,000 to relocate to China to make $25,000 a year as an English Teacher of kindergarten and primary school kids? Where is the Fortune 500 and MNC job they promise you on the telephone? Over 3,000 victims and counting since 2014