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2018 CFTU White List Of China TEFL Teacher Employers


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The CFTU has added 462 China TEFL teacher employers to their 2018 White list to help expat foreign English teachers avoid TEFL and ESL teaching job scams in China. Over 2,000 total listings allow newbie and veteran TEFL teachers alike to find their own China teaching jobs directly and avoid skimming by China job agents and recruiters. Also included are links to china labor laws, 2018 china foreign teacher requirements, expat employee rights in China, 2018 China visa laws, China teacher salary charts, employment contracts for foreigners in China, and other helpful advice and tips for those hinting teaching jobs in China. Also, learn why almost 4,000 China foreign teachers were arrested and deported from China in 2017 and the top 20 China job scams and the few honest TEFL job recruiters and China ESL job agents. More details can also be found at

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2018 CFTU White List Of China TEFL Teacher Employers

  1. 1. Back by popular demand are the annual updates to our CFTU China TEFL White and Blacklists which were downloaded by 13,809 China foreign teachers and 7,482 netizens outside of China in 2017. And of course our 9,027 members find it in their inbox whether they asked for it or not! This year we are happy to report the addition of another 476 schools, universities and training centers as the growing demand for foreign language, professors, and AP teachers have “inspired and motivated” China’s educational employers to pay more attention to the fair and ethical treatment of our expat colleagues, who not surprisingly, filed 23% less complaints in 2017. So things are getting better for the legal native-English-speaking teachers, and far worse for the fake wannabe teachers who were arrested and deported in record numbers in 2017 (almost 5,000 arrests). So rather than be sent home with a criminal record. We urge all new and old teachers alike to seek employment only with legal and SAFEA – registered employers with the fewest complaints. In 2017 we received 836 complaints from teachers, but in reality 695 were actually warranted and worthy of investigation. Here below, in no special order are the 2,379 legal employers with the least amount of complaints who provide Z visa support as reported by veteran foreign teachers working at least two years here in China. If YOU are not offered a Z visa from day one by any employer who offers you a full-time teaching job anywhere in China, please let us know at report{at} If you are offered a position by a school not found on this list, then by all means, check our blacklist of 412 problematic and/or illegal China employers at As always we remind you that China’s public schools and universities are highly regulated and monitored and seldom ever do we get complaints from foreign teachers working there other than the pay is lower than expected or the housing provided may not be acceptable by foreign standards. (a little cramped because with 1.5 billion people in China, space is at a premium in larger cities) Conversely, over 80% of the complaints we receive are about the private training centers most all of which have Chinese owners or are joint ventures with Chinese management. No matter where you choose to work in China, remember the 90% rule: “90% of China’s employers are honest, fair, and ethical, but 90% of China’s job agents and recruiters are not. To earn the most money and get the best benefits as a TEFL teacher in China, we suggest you do not rely on neither job agents nor recruiters. Here is how to get your own job directly and earn at least 20% - 50% more money and perks… _tefl_esl_teacher/ (Click on the OP Link). Page 2 of 119 Pages
  2. 2. Global Arts Academy Baiyi Secondary School Peking University Beijing 101 High School Zhongguancun No. 1 Primary School Daily Bread Christian School Zhongguancun No. 2 Primary School Little Scholars Kindergarten Zhongguancun No. 3 Primary School Wall Street English (Chain) Renmin University Primary School Renmin University Renmin University Secondary School Wan Quan Primary School Pudong Primary School No. 7 Nan Kai High School Fudan University Tsinghua University English First Training Center (Chain) Beiwai E+ (5 locations) Canadian International School Confucius Institute U.S. Chamber of Commerce British Council Little Sprouts Kindergarten Color Dot Art School The English Workshop Dulwich Academy Yew Cheung International School 3E School American English Center Minzu University Wu Jing Kindergarten Berlitz (Chain) Beijing Normal University Xiamen University Haidian Childrens Palace Blue Skies English The Japanese School English Challenge Beijing Capital University (2 Locations) Elan Reading Centers (Chain) New Oriental Training Centers (Chain) China Peoples Kindergarten Beijing Foreign Studies University Huijia Kindergarten Chain Page 3 of 119 Pages
  3. 3. Did you know the average salary of a qualified foreign full-time teacher in China last year was; In tier one cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, it was about 15% higher. If you were offered less you are probable a “newbie” and you will be falsely told that 10,000 rmb is the norm. 10,000 a month is what universities pay as a minimum, but they provide your housing for free. If you use a job agent or recruiter they will slice of about 20% to 50% of your salary. So if you want to earn more and worry less about scams, read this here: EFL-Teacher-Job-Scams-Internships-Exporters-etc-BLACKLIST&p=1961758#post1 961758. You may not always be told the truth about working in China since most recruiters and China job agents rely on hype and all the great food and fun you will have in China while they deliberately avoid telling you all the negatives. To get a balanced opinion about working in China visit these links below. Indeed China is a fun and very memorable adventure if you do not get scammed or exploited. Page 4 of 119 Pages
  4. 4. Rainbow English Center New Day Kindergarten Ming Tian Kindergarten Oakwood Academy Beijing Institute of Technology You Yi High School Beihang University Puxi English Center Webb English (Some Locations) Disney English (Beijing Only) Tutor Time Kindergarten Century English Center Wuhan University Shandong University Central Academy Fine Art China Film & Dance Academy Waterloo Academy BCIS Summit English Center Sunrise Kindergarten Dr. O Riverside English English Grove Tianjin University China Academy of Science Beaumont Academy Harbin Institute of Science & Technology Xian University Shandong Medical University Green Valley Kindergarten VIP Kids (Online Teaching) Suzhou Primary School Suzhou High School Good Morning English Liberty English Center Beijing No. 19 High School BCLU China Agriculture University Sino J English Ma Shan English ICBC Kindergarten Time 2 Learn English Fuzhou University Keystone Academy Soho Center English English To Go Page 5 of 119 Pages
  5. 5. If you work for a public school or university in China, you do not have to worry about this. But every private school operates as a business and saving money in China is something they are very proud of. Although white-listed schools will not cheat you directly, some may try to get you to sign away your employee rights to paid overtime and benefits, or get you to agree to work 39 hours a week instead of 40 so they do not have to provide you medical insurance and other benefits. Therefore your contract is VERY important and you should never sign one that is only in Chinese. Also do not sign a contract when it is given to you. Instead, take a day or two to review it CAREFULLY. Do not come to China without a signed and sealed original contract in your hand and a Z Visa (work visa) already in your passport. Read here so you know what to look out for: heating-themselves-of-40-with-illegal-contracts Here’s a sample of a bad but very common contract: If you do not like the contract you are given, you are welcome to use ours which fully complies with China Labor and Privacy Laws: html Page 6 of 119 Pages
  6. 6. Chinese students are the best! They will respect and even honor you because their childhood is centered around education. You will be their mentor and role model! The less homework you give them the more they will love you because the schools in China give an average of 2.8 hours of homework daily. As an expat employee in China you have If you do not know what they are you can find them here: _in_china_actually_have/ 1. NEVER let anyone hold your passport in China except the PSB 2. Only sign employment contracts with direct employers – not agents or recruiters 3. Be sure your contract is in English on one side and Chinese on the backside 4. Take photos of any recruiter or job agent you use and their plastic got. ID card 5. Do not come to China without a signed and “chopped” contract and a Z Visa. 6. Never send your resume or passport scans until you read this first Page 7 of 119 Pages
  7. 7. If you do not see a school on this list that you are interested in, read the below graphic and then just directly ask the FAO (not a recruiter or job agent) seven questions to see if they are a stable, safe, and legal employer; Page 8 of 119 Pages
  8. 8. China University of Economics Pudong Primary School No.1 Dazin Art School 88 Dance School Lego Learning Center RISE English Training Center Disney English (Beijing Only) Xian University Global Arts Plus English Journey Learn English Today! China Culture Academy ICBC Kindergarten WuJing Kindergarten PLA Academy Keystone Academy Peking University High School Kaiwen Nankai University Tree of Knowledge Beijing Montessori School Gao Si Mobby English Mountain Top English Visions English Center Excellence English New York Minute English Rosetta Stone Center English Today Lets Talk English Renmin English Corner Minzu University China Youth University Changsha University Chaoyang English Center Yangtze English School Yew Cheung International School Allah’s Path English English 4 All Adult English Center English Adventures Mommy & Me English Childrens English Kingdom Time 2 Grow Communications University New Vision Kindergarten Korean English Training Center English First Page 9 of 119 Pages
  9. 9. You have just read a small sample of our 2018 White List. If you are a CFTU member you already received all 119 pages by email. If you are not a member however, you can still use our 2017 white list which can be found here; -china.html IMPORTANT: If you do not have ALL of the below official requirements do not come to China to work – no matter what some recruiter or job agent tells you. You will eventually get caught, arrested, jailed for 30 days and then deported with a criminal record. See and scroll the details at Here are the 2018 official China Foreign Teacher Requirements for 2018 Here they are as your own Embassy and Chinese Consulate and will confirm for you… 1)Applicant must be a native English speaker holding a current passport from U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. 2)Applicant must be between 22-55 years of age when arriving to China without any disease. 3)Applicant must have a verifiable bachelor or post graduate degree from an accredited university 4)Applicant must have a Z visa in their passport before teaching a single lesson 5)Applicant must have a certified police certificate proving you have no criminal record of any convictions 6)Applicant must have 2 years previous teaching experience TEFL CERTIFICATES ARE NOT REQUIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO TEACH IN CHINA – YET! Page 10 of 119 Pages
  10. 10. Happy New Year TEFL Teachers. 2018 is the year of the dog. As a welcome gift to you we hereby give you free Global WIFI Access and a free VPN that actually works in China (only 4 VPNs reliably work here). There are no strings attached. wifi-access-when-traveling-and-vpn-for-china-tefl-teachers-working-in-china Last but not least, sometimes you will encounter nasty comments or allegations about our volunteer group (we sell nothing nor even advertise) but please remember the source of these comments are usually from shady recruiters we have exposed on line or on are blacklist. We have exposed over 360 scammers since 2010. If you have any doubts about this please read here: nship_with_the_cftu_china/ elieve_about_tefl_teaching_in/ Page 11 of 119 Pages
  11. 11. Remember this calendar when signing your contract for 12 months and not 10 months or you will forfeit your two monthsvacation pay! If you want to learn more tips and tricks about teaching in China, visit these links at your leisure: count-korea-and-china-job-scams EFL-Teacher-Job-Scams-Internships-Exporters-etc-BLACKLIST Page12 of 119 Pages