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Growing Up with Graphic Novels


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Update 12/18/13: NJLA 2013 - Growing Up With Graphic Novels. This presentation gives an overview of various graphic novel publishers and how to create your own online resource guide. There are steps on how to create specific accounts and extended information for those in need. Additionally, we have included some popular and coming soon titles that might be important to your collection. We have information for tweens, teens and children. Please email me at not - Thank you!

Growing Up with Graphic Novels

  1. 1. Growing Up withGraphic NovelsStephen HrubesPiscataway Public Library &Monroe Township LibraryLanora MelilloSecaucus Public Library
  2. 2. ProfessionalResources
  3. 3. ProfessionalResources
  4. 4. Publishers
  5. 5. Publishers
  6. 6. Reviewers & Blogs
  7. 7. Reviewers & Blogs
  8. 8. The Distributor
  9. 9. The Crowd
  10. 10. Setting UpYour OwnResourceGuide
  11. 11. PublicResourcesVs.PrivateResources
  12. 12. Specific to your needsWikiRSSBlogDrop BoxGoogle Drive
  13. 13. Specific to your needsWikiRSSBlogDrop BoxGoogle Drive
  14. 14. WIKI - A Web site developedcollaboratively by acommunity of users, allowingany user to add and edit content.
  15. 15. QuickTutorial
  16. 16. QuickTutorial
  17. 17. QuickTutorialHome page allows youto access yourprojects
  18. 18. Steps 1, 2 & 3QuickTutorial
  19. 19. QuickTutorialNow you are ready to getstarted by adding yourpages and making your wikipage work for you
  20. 20. QuickTutorialClick on files to add and edityour content.
  21. 21. RSS - Rich Site Summary -is a family of web feed formatsused to publish frequentlyupdated works
  22. 22. RSS QuickTutorial
  23. 23. RSSQuickTutorial
  24. 24. Chrome & Firefox ExtensionsQuickTutorial
  25. 25. QuickTutorial
  26. 26. QuickTutorial
  27. 27. QuickTutorial
  28. 28. QuickTutorial
  29. 29. QuickTutorial
  30. 30. QuickTutorial
  31. 31. QuickTutorial
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Visual Bookmarking-are websites that enableusers to save images orbookmarks based on themes,collections, interests or hobbies
  34. 34. Cloud Storage -is a model of networked enterprisestorage where data is stored notonly in the users computer, but invirtualized pools of storage whichare generally hosted by third parties
  35. 35. CloudStorage
  36. 36. CloudStorage
  37. 37. QuickTutorialStep 1: Enter yourinformation and click sign up
  38. 38. Step 2: Install Dropbox (which shouldstart automatically).QuickTutorial
  39. 39. QuickTutorialStep 3: After your download, you willbe asked to log in or create anaccount.Note: Windows might ask you toenable access with a Firewall block.You must enable Dropbox for it towork.Images taken from
  40. 40. QuickTutorialStep 4: After selecting yoursetup type, you will be done!Dropbox saves as a littleIcon on your bottom toolbar.Images taken from
  41. 41. pQuickTutorialStep 5– You are now down with yourset up. You can files by draggingthem into your folders.For more information on how toshare folders visit Kaigin’s DropboxTutorial or e-mail me
  42. 42. Image taken From The Verge
  43. 43. New, Popular andComing Soon Titlesfor Children, Tweens & Teensimage taken from
  44. 44. Huzzah!You have thelatestBabymouse.
  45. 45. Titles for Children6/13 Akissi: Feline Invasion byMarguerite Abouet and Mathieu Sapin7/9 Beginning Pearls (PearlsBefore Swine) by Stephan Pastis
  46. 46. 2/22 Adventure Time: v. 1 by RyanNorth and Braden Lamb3/5 Adventure Time Vol. 2 by RyanNorth, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb4/3 Adventure Time Vol. 1Mathematical Ed. by Ryan North, ShelliParoline and Braden Lamb8/6 Adventure Time Vol. 2Mathematical Ed. by Ryan North, ShelliParoline and Braden Lamb
  47. 47. 10/1 Scene But Not Heardby Sam Henderson5/14 Odd Duckby Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon
  48. 48. 5/28 My Little Pony Volume 1:Friendship Is Magic by Katie Cook10/8 My Little Pony Volume 2:Friendship is Magic by Heather Nuhfer5/28 LEGO® Ninjago #7: Stone Coldby Greg Farshtey and Jolyon Yates10/22 LEGO® Ninjago #8: Destiny ofDoom by Greg Farshtey
  49. 49. Titles for Tweens8/23 Star Wars: Jedi Academyby Jeffrey Brown4/18 Star Wars: Darth Vader andSon by Jeffrey Brown4/23 Star Wars: Vaders LittlePrincess by Jeffrey Brown
  50. 50. Titles for Tweens8/6 Monster on the Hillby Rob Harrell9/1 Whats Up with SamsGrandma?: Medikidz Explain LungCancer by Kim Chilman-Blair BScMB ChB and Shawn deLoache
  51. 51. 5/28 (reprint)Tommysaurus Rexby Doug Tennapel2/26 Timmy Failure: MistakesWere Made by Stephan Pastis
  52. 52. 2/26 The Adventures of SuperheroGirl by Faith Erin Hicks and RachelEdidin9/26 Vamplets Volume One: TheNightmare Nursery by GayleMiddleton, Dave Dwonch andAmanda CoronadoKICKSTARTER SUCCESS PROJECT
  53. 53. Titles for Teens7/23 Infinite Vacation Deluxe byNick Spencer and Christian Ward6/11 The Superior Spider-Man,Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemyby Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman
  54. 54. Titles for Teens6/11 Primates: The FearlessScience of Jane Goodall, DianFossey, and Biruté Galdikas by JimOttaviani and Maris Wicks6/11 Clone Volume 1 by Juan JoseRyp and David Schulner
  55. 55. 9/10 Papercutz Slices #5:The Farting Deadby Stefan Petruchaand Rick Parker5/19 Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as aWeapon by Matt Fraction, DavidAja and Javier Pulido7/23 Hawkeye: Little Hits, Vol. 2by Matt Fraction, David Aja andJavier Pulido
  56. 56. 8/13 Magi: The Labyrinth of MagicVol. 1 by Shinobu Ohtaka10/8 Vol. 212/10 Vol. 35/7 Nothing Can Possibly GoWrong by Prudence Shenand Faith Erin Hicks
  57. 57. Resources & Links• No Flying No Tights• Graphic Novel Reporter• YA Books Central• New Jersey Core Collection• Previews World• Comic Book Resources• DC Comics• Marvel Comics• Diamond Comics• 2014 Great Graphic Novels for Teen Nominations
  58. 58. Resources & Links• Handy 4 Class Pinterest Guide• Kickstarter• Feedly• Twitter• IDW Publishing• Bookshelf• Good Comics For Kids• Google Drive Vs Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and others:a cloud sync storage face-off by Ellis Hamburger
  59. 59. Growing Up withGraphic Novels Have questions? Contact Us Lanora MelilloSecaucus Public HrubesPiscataway Public LibraryMonroe Township Public