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Sparrow Presentation


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Sparrow Presentation

  1. 1. SPARROW by: elle
  2. 2. o Location: Dallas, TX (Uptown)o Store Name: Sparrowo The idea behind the name Sparrow is that it symbolizes being free and timeless
  3. 3. Sparrow Customer Profile o Dallas population - 1,299,543 ("About the city of Dallas," 2012)o 9th largest city ("About the city of Dallas," 2012)o Dallas is a leading business city - In 2010, 24 businesses were named Fortune 500 companies ("About the city of Dallas," 2012)o Uptown has a unique mix of lifestyle, luxury, shopping, amenities and conveniences ("Things are looking," 2009)- About the city of dallas, texas. (2012). Retrieved from Things are looking uptown. (2009). Retrieved from
  4. 4. Sparrow Customer Profileo Sparrow is geared towards women - - Age: 25 – 40 - Education: College educated - Income: $40,000+ - Occupation: Retail managers, buyers, stylist and PR - Lifestyle: Free spirited, fashionable, savvy, urban
  6. 6. ATMOSPHERICSo An antique gilted couch will be place in the center of the store for customers to sit and sip on champagne. Flip though our cataloges and magazines. Or to simply enjoy themselves.o The lounge area will provide comfort to the customers and make them feel at home
  7. 7. ATMOSPHERICSo A Chester chair will add more seating to the lounge areao Again, customers can sit and enjoy their shopping experience, drink champage, chat or look though Sparrow’s catalog
  8. 8. ATMOSPHERICSo Club Ottoman will be placed along with the couch and Chester chair in the center of the storeo The ottoman makes the environment more homey and invitingo Current catalogs and magazines will the place on the ottoman
  9. 9. ATMOSPHERICSo There will be 3 fitting rooms o Each with a mirror, sitting chair and proper lightingo They will be accessible to the customers o Will be visible to the employees no matter where they are in the storeo Large enough spaces to maneuver around without feeling crammed
  10. 10. Signing around the boutique will be kept simple and girly. Every sign will be easy to read and framed. The framed “Sparrow” sign is written in a fabulous and carefree SIGNINGscript. o Signing around the boutique will be kept simple and girly. Every sign will be easy to read and framed. The framed “Sparrow” sign is written in a fabulous and carefree script.
  11. 11. SIGNINGo Sale signs around the store will also be framedo Framing every sign keeps the boutique feeling elegant and upscale, which flows well with the upscale merchandise being sold.
  12. 12. FIXTURESA variety of roundtables will be usedthroughout thestore.o Basicso New Merchandiseo Saleo Housewares
  13. 13. FIXTURESWood gondolas are usedthroughout the store to display newmerchandise, folded merchandiseas well keep Housewaresorganized. A curved cash wrap breaks up the monotonous square shape of the store. It brings in a rustic element as well.
  14. 14. FIXTURESJewelry stands will be placed onboth the tables located in the frontof the store as well as on the saletable. This will keep the jewelryorganized and easily accessible When you enter Sparrow on both sides will be shelving that houses accessories. Underneath the shelves are bars that hold the merchandise. There is also shelving and bars in the back of the store which hold sale items.
  15. 15. FIXTURES As side from a gondola; Housewares also has a table which allows for a variety of items to be displayedThe most shelving is located in theback of the store – this holds all of thehousewares items.
  16. 16. LIGHTINGSparrow mainly uses recessed lightingas it’s main source of lighting.
  17. 17. LIGHTINGTrack lighting is used over thecash wrap, for the (2) displaywindows, and to highlightmerchandise on the shelves.
  18. 18. LIGHTINGThe lounge area will be lit by adelicate chandelier. There is only onelocated in the store. Pendant lighting will be in all (3) of Sparrow’s fitting rooms.
  19. 19. MANNEQUINS o Due to the fact that Sparrow is an elegant, ladylike, one-of-a-kind, high-end boutique - instead of a upscale chain store, a more feminine and soft body form better suits the boutique. o 3-4 mannequins will be used around the boutique at any given time. The mannequins will display new merchandise brought in by featured designers selected by the owners.
  20. 20. WALL ELEVATION Wall Elevation: This is an example of Sparrow’s new merchandise wall. It will featurenew collections and accessoriesfrom our featured designer of the month, as well as coordinating lifestyle graphics.