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International collaboration


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Copy of my prese

Published in: Education
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International collaboration

  1. 1. Motivation and engagement through international links Helena Butterfield HOD MFL St. Michaels RC School, Billingham
  2. 2. Why? Celebrate different cultures■ Native speaker contact■ Authentic material■ Real audience■ Widens focus■ Motivation■
  3. 3. DCSF International SchoolAward● Curriculum-based international work in schools.● Open to all UK schools● Free of charge.
  4. 4. Online Collaboration● eTwinning (● ePals ( )– really good if you want an email exchange around the world.● Comenius (European-funded projects over 2 years)● Connecting Classrooms (World-wide funded projects) www.britishcouncil. org/conectingclassrooms
  5. 5. eTwinning● 32 European countries● ICT● European Commission’s partner finding and online● Collaboration tool.● All ages within education● Any length● Any curriculum area● Free!
  6. 6. Find a partner school
  7. 7. Submit your project idea forapproval Submit your project idea to your NSS (British Council)
  8. 8. Project kits
  9. 9. Project is approved and eTwinningLabel awarded
  10. 10. TwinspaceSimilar to VLE●
  11. 11. Ideas that have worked
  12. 12. Blogging project with France Blogging project with Franceshortlisted for the European eTwinningPrize and UK eTwinning Prize 2008/09
  13. 13. Wiki project (in English) with France, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Poland Wiki project (in English) with France, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Poland
  14. 14. Project on our local area in German Project on our local area in German
  15. 15. Michel le Voyageur
  16. 16. The Rainbow Village Project
  17. 17. Realtime communicationOnline Chat● Twinspace Chatroom
  18. 18. Realtime face-to-face communicationVideo conference●
  19. 19. Awards and Recognition Quality Labels: Recognition of outstanding projects from the UK NSS (British Council) and the European CSS (EU)UK eTwinning AwardsEuropean eTwinningAwards
  20. 20. And finally…“What you learn without joy, you forgetwithout regret”Tiina Sarisalmi (Finnish Teacher, eTwinning Conference, Prague, Feb 2009)
  21. 21. More information●The Langwitch Chronicles:●eTwinning:●British Council:●Twitter: @langwitch