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Where next, CMO? The top 10 marketing challenges today.


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Are you ready for the big challenges marketing teams are facing today? We mean topics like digital transformation, data privacy, AI and customer experience. Read on for the top ten challenges marketing teams need to know about.

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Where next, CMO? The top 10 marketing challenges today.

  1. 1. Collaborate with language experts from around the globe so your communication comes across crystal clear in every language. 1. Driving digital transformation The digitisation of society means the end of the traditional business playbook. Newcomers have a tremendous opportunity, while incumbents need to reinvent themselves. 2. Improving customer experience The customer remains at the centre of what we do as marketers. But the more we do, the higher expectations rise. Are we delivering enough? 3. Delivering personalisation The decision of whether or not to engage with content only takes a couple of seconds. When you tailor content to an individual, they are more likely to pay attention to it. 4. Leveraging AI AI is no longer a dream of the future. Many brands are already making use of its potential. And in the long-run, every single business will make use of AI. 5. Identifying the right technology Compared to 20 years ago, technological change has evolved marketing into an unrecognisable beast. It’s a challenge to find the right solution for your needs. 6. Building successful APIs In a world full of digital devices, the benefits of connectivity are stronger than ever. Firms without powerful APIs are at a distinct disadvantage. 7. Managing organisational change It’s a challenge for marketing departments to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, let alone entire organisations. 8. Speeding up time-to-market The rapid pace of innovation has led to shorter product lifecycles, more markets to address, and a lot of hair-pulling. It’s time to remove roadblocks and automate tasks. 9. Data privacy and security regulations Enterprises have either already been hacked, or don’t know it yet. There are also new regulations to adhere to, such as GDPR. 10. Proving the ROI of activities Marketing teams are facing immense strains on budgets and resources. A new challenge is to show ROI so you can optimise how you invest.