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IELTS Global Refund Campaign


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How you can help the IELTS USD$ 2 billion dollar global refund campaign.

Key words: IDP , IDP Education, British Council , Cambridge Assessment.

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IELTS Global Refund Campaign

  1. 1. How you can help the IELTS multi-billion dollars global refund project Volunteer Project Co-convener Dr. J Jericho June 2017  Translate any document on this website into another language: Please “Facebook like” this web-page.  Forward one or more documents on the website above to other people.  Discuss this project with your friends, colleagues and journalists.  Write to your local Member of Parliament (State and Federal) and your State and Federal Senator and request a Royal Commission into IDP Education / IELTS. ors_and_Members  Discuss this project at local community meetings.  Promote Pearson, TOEFL and OET as English language testing options. (IELTS are the most untrustworthy English language provider).  If you know any person who has taken IELTS and is not happy with their treatment, encourage them to take IELTS to the small claims court.  Expose Australia’s visa scams. Explain to people in other countries that Australia’s international student system visa sets lower IELTS entry scores to maximize enrollments. Australia sets higher IELTS scores and uses IELTS examiner corruption and profiteering to reject most permanent residency visa applications.