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IDP Education IELTS Frauds and Crimes : Summary


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This one page document summarizes the main ways in which IDP Education Australia use fraud, extortion and harassment to maximize their profits and share price.

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IDP Education IELTS Frauds and Crimes : Summary

  1. 1. Four ways IDP Education scam IELTS test-takers via fraud and extortion to maximize profit. me-says-woman-who-took-ielts-21-times IDP crimes summary page see language-test/6802434 cheque-draws-flak/news-story/f143341c29640377bb88c11e93e4f5ea 1. Test Report Forms (TRF) are only valid for two years. You need to pay IDP Education $330 for each test that you take after two years. 2. If someone else in the classroom cheats, IDP Education will cancel your IELTS Test Report Form – no refund is paid. You must pay IDP Education $330 for each new test that you sit. IELTS will cancel your TRF if they suspect you cheated – no refund is paid. They will not offer you proof or an explanation. IELTS allow you to sit more tests and pay $330 per test. 3. IDP award fake fail scores for speaking OR writing (subjective skills) for most people who aim to obtain a work visa or a permanent residency visa for Canada or Australia. IDP read your application form to determine what grades you need – questions 16 and 17. see IDP Education’s IELTS exam papers are marked in India. It is difficult for police in Australia and other countries to prove fraud as IDP outsource their crimes to another jurisdiction. moves-online-and-overseas-20150921-gjrdjd.html 4. IELTS charge you AUD$176 to check that there is no clerical error on your TRF. If you want to check that one section of one skill (reading, writing, listening or speaking) has been graded correctly, you must pay IDP Education $176 to have your entire exam remarked.