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IDP Education Australia Modern Day Slavery Investigation


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IDP Education Modern Day Slavery Investigation.

Key words: IDP , IDP Education , IDP Education Australia , IDP essentials, IELTS , Australia , university , immigration , permanent residency

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IDP Education Australia Modern Day Slavery Investigation

  1. 1. IDP Education Australia Limited Corporation – investigation June 2017 Billion dollar (AUD) global refund project Local jurisdictions  Extortion  Blackmail  Harassment  Intimidation  Examiner fraud  False advertising  Political corruption  Unconscionable conduct  Scamming and racketeering  Fraudulent misrepresentation  Misleading and deceptive conduct  Failure to supply a service of merchantable quality International Court of Justice  Crimes against Humanity: Modern day slavery (a) Aiding and abetting one or more sovereign nation-states (b) Target demographics: skilled migrants and international students (c) Sustained and systemic over an extended period (d) Transnational criminal modus operandi Confidential inquiries: