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Extortion : a theoretical case study for illustration purposes


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An example of a letter that may be tantamount to extortion, depending on the facts and context. This is a generic reference to international English language testers and is not specific to one international English language tester.

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Extortion : a theoretical case study for illustration purposes

  1. 1. Independent International English Language Tests Research Project The following letter may be an example of blackmail/extortion, depending on the facts. To: From: Dear Mr. Singh, I refer to your email dated 15 August 2017. We are exercising our right to withhold your results. In your application form you agreed that we may permanently withhold or cancel your results. To obtain a Test Report you are required to apply to sit a new exam. Punjab English Language Tester Centre  This email offers no detailed explanations to justify the decision.  This email offers no evidence to justify the decision.  It offers to sell a new service. If there is only one international English language tester in your country that is authorized to offer international English language tests for your intended country of migration, the email above may be tantamount to extortion even if it does not offer to sell a new service. Further details please contact Jay c/-