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Results of session – EdReNe


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Results of session – EdReNe
Elena Shulman

Published in: Education
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Results of session – EdReNe

  1. 1. This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. Future actions for OER Conference Open Education: promoting diversity for European Languages 27 September 2016 Results of session – EdReNe
  2. 2. Teacher Training Is The “missing link” Many different contexts where “policies” play out differently Survey Results: Among EdReNe members no one was aware of national policies that address LUL and OER/digital resources 2 Key topics and discussion points
  3. 3. In order of importance, EdReNe recommends 2.5 Training on OER for teachers (at all career stages) 2.9 Organize public procurement 3 1.6 Support Translation/re-contextualization from English About the LangOER policy recommendations
  4. 4. Thank you! Staying in touch #langOER LangOER OER and languages OER and languages LangOER Teachers