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Pedagogy, technology and training for language learning and teaching: the ECML/ICT-REV Project


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Pedagogy, technology and training for language learning and teaching: the ECML/ICT-REV Project
Pauline Ernest

Published in: Education
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Pedagogy, technology and training for language learning and teaching: the ECML/ICT-REV Project

  1. 1. Pedagogy, technology and training for language learning and teaching: the ECML/ICT-REV project Pauline Ernest (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain) on behalf of the ICT-REV team LangOER conference, Brussels 26/27 Sept 2016
  2. 2. ICT-REV TEAM MEMBERS Team members Institutions Pauline Ernest Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain Joseph Hopkins Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain Martina Emke Servicestelle Offene Hochschule, Niedersachsen, Germany Aline Germain- Rutherford University of Ottawa, Canada Sarah Heiser Open University, UK Mateusz-Milan Stanojevic University of Zagreb, Croatia Ursula Stickler Open University, UK
  3. 3. 2008 – 2011 ECML (Empowering Language professionals) • Professional development training workshops for language teachers, teacher trainers, CALL experts •DOTS Moodle workspace (bite-size self-training modules) 2012 – 2015 ECML (Learning through languages: promoting inclusive, plurilingual, intercultural education) Training workshops for language teachers/mentors in formal, informal, non-formal contexts 2013 -2015 ECML + European Commision Training & Consultancy Program 2016 -2019 ECML (Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning) •Training workshops for language teachers, teacher trainers, policy makers, multipliers •Inventory of ICT tools & OERs
  4. 4. ICT-REV Workshops Milton Keynes, UK Zagreb, Croatia Turku, Finland Budapest, Hungary Oslo, Norway Ljubljana, Slovenia Brussels, Belgium Vilnius, Lithuania Graz, Austria Stockholm, Sweden Madrid, Spain Limerick, Ireland Burgas, Bulgaria Riga, Latvia Belgrade, Serbia
  5. 5. ICT-REV PROJECT 1. PRINCIPLES 1. Language professionals need adequate training to ensure successful integration of ICT tools/OERs in their work. 2. Acknowledge challenges in implementing ICT in the language classroom. 3. Pedagogical principles are as important as technological expertise. 4. ICT tools provide added value to learning objectives. (means to an end not the end itself) 5. Bottom up development of project outputs via participants’ feedback.
  6. 6. ICT-REV PROJECT 2. OBJECTIVES Help language professionals to • become familiar with huge variety of tools/OERs available • develop criteria for selection of appropriate ICT for use in classroom • develop skills for designing learning tasks, using ICT, which fulfil sound pedagogical objectives • share acquired expertise with colleagues
  7. 7. ICT-REV WORKSHOPS • Collaborative reflection on use of ICT in language classroom (affordances & challenges) • Extend knowledge of different ICT tools + applications for learning • Practical hands-on tasks pre/during/post workshop • Discussion of the pedagogical principles of designing learning tasks using ICT • Establish/reinforce synergies among participants • Promote dissemination among their colleagues
  8. 8. ICT-REV INVENTORY OF ICT TOOLS AND OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES • Resources proposed by participants at DOTS, moreDOTS, ICT-REV workshops • Approx 80 freely available tools and OERs • Content searchable via filters/keywords • Pedagogical criteria & technical requirements for each tool • Examples of best practice • Users evaluate tools + suggest more tools/tasks
  9. 9. NEXT STEPS 1. REQUEST AN ICT-REV TRAINING WORKSHOP ECML Training and Consultancy program anguage/en-GB/Default.aspx 2. EXPLORE THE ICT-REV INVENTORY Post your feedback. Add a tool/OER. 3. LOBBY GOVTS & ED. INSTITUTIONS to give top priority to appropriate teacher training programs
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Pauline Ernest