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Social Strategy Recommendations for Netflix


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Social Strategy Recommendations for Netflix

  1. 1. Social Strategy Recommendations By: Megan Bryja, Jacklyn Drummond, Laney Lewis, Josh Lyon and Lauren Sarama
  2. 2. Category “Internet Television Network” Provides on demand streaming media Competitors: Hulu Plus, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video
  3. 3. Audience 3 Main Groups: Movie Buffs No Time Most Value
  4. 4. Facebook Response time takes more than 1 day to reply… Only branded messages
  5. 5. Twitter Tweet at customers not with them Lots of followers, little following
  6. 6. Current Marketing Strategy Conclusion: Netflix is not collaborating with their users, and as a result, is not creating a sense of community, which leaves their users no reason to contribute.
  7. 7. Recommended Social Strategy Goal: Expanding Brand Loyalty Create a more personal brand Create customer advocates Create value for customers
  8. 8. Recommended Social Strategies Strategy 1: Brand Persona Strategy 2: Collaborate Strategy 3: Community Participation Strategy 4: Contribute
  9. 9. Recommended Social Strategy Strategy 1: Brand Persona Meet Neal Netflix  Mid 30’s  Movie buff and critic  His friends call him for questions instead of going to IMDB  Always up to date with the latest shows and movies Have a question or comment? Ask Neal Netflix
  10. 10. Recommended Social Strategy Strategy 2: Collaborate With followers to build a mutually beneficial relationship Allows for followers to give input
  11. 11. Collaborate
  12. 12. Recommended Social Strategy Strategy 3: Community Participation Elicits valuable customer suggestions Allows for more follower interaction
  13. 13. Community Participation
  14. 14. Recommended Social Strategy Strategy 4: Contribute Contribute content to become a valued member Create a reason for customers to keep coming back
  15. 15. Contribute
  16. 16. Questions? #AskNealNetflix