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The consumer landscape has changed, now a whole new crop of buyers and consumers exist called Generation C for Connected. They rely on their close network, circle, and even strangers for trust. They prefer using digital, online versions, and have a different set of values. Now it's up to you to adapt your marketing smarter to fit their needs. Inbound marketing is one solution that you can implement for better lead generation and personalization for shopping, so is social sharing to get promotion and attract more visitors.

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NEMOA Fall 2013

  1. 1. Ride the Wave of Connected Digital Consumerism and Smart Marketing By Lane Sutton @LaneSutton
  2. 2. Shift of values to: Strangers, Network, & Self
  3. 3. My shopping • and • Frequent places to shop: Amazon, clothing (Gap, Banana Republic, Lands’ End), Zappos, Kickstarter • My exploration: Etsy, Kickstarter, Lyst, Indiegogo for unique, different products • Why I buy: best price, highest reviews, customer service, extended return policy +1, free shipping (fast) so I use Amazon Prime & ShopRunner • eBates & FatWallet for cashback purchases • – price historical trends, gives a rating to Buy or Wait based on confidence. Will offer price alerts. • for tracking purchases, receipts, packages,
  4. 4. eCommerce should be a huge, more effective marketing channel due to its flexibility to gain more insight into a visitor, qualified leads, update, higher conversion rate, and provide a more interactive experience.
  5. 5. The current market is saturated.
  6. 6. The problem Outbound Marketing a.k.a. Interruption Marketing
  7. 7. Are we being remarkable, even on social? Spread the culture & vibe.
  8. 8. Direct mail does not work for everyone. ADAPT to the digital prospect
  9. 9. • Education Ed – middle to high school student, needs supplies between July-September (the marketing is really for the Mom – who has the wallet which attracts her in with deals). More social media marketing here. • Enterprise Erin– run of the mill office employee at an 11-200 company needing copier supplies, paper. More catalog, Staples B2B Advantage personal account rep/executive • Owner Ollie – 1-5 person company, needs typical ink, low tech. Weekly ad marketing & web. • Budget Bridget – the deal conscious shopper, comes in for To make marketing human, think of who we’re marketing to as humans… PERSONAS!
  10. 10. Why transition the marketing and How? 1 Better connect the value proposition to customers and create a trust zone. 2 Adding social sign on, recommendation, and social commenting or reviews (FB plugin or Disqus) and sharing buttons (AddThis or ShareThis) 3 Incentives for sharing. $10 off if 2 referrals or shares. 4 Building shoplets to integrate with FB tabs on page or offers + form, mobile apps, e-browsing, exclusive deals.
  11. 11. The results in numbers after implementing social graphs with shopping experiences 1 Loyalty: 84% of businesses report an increase in lotalty and engaging users & building such. 2 Targeting: 80% received richer profile info to inspire personalized product recommendations, emails, promotions or coupons. 3 WOM: 77% found that customers shared and promoted the site to their social graph. 4 Revenue: 75% reported a revenue increase, at the bottom line! 5 Better measuring and KPI tracking.
  12. 12. Connected consumerism • Comparing and checking prices – mobile apps • Decisions can begin with search, but socially connected consumers look to their trusted connections within their trust zone who is in their community or has a relationship. • Developed communities to crowdsource opinions. Disrupts the traditional purchase/buying cycle. • Social Capital – Pillars of Influence surrounding relevance, resonance, and reach.
  13. 13. Inbound Marketing Methodology
  14. 14. Two options – you choose! The Inbound way • Targeted marketing that evolves based on lead intelligence, history, lifecycle stages, persona – and tailors a personalized experience. Better messages across. • Syncs record with their interaction & activity. • High conversion rate, very low COCA, SEO, optimization, revi ews • Ads can target gender, civil status, location, job function/industry, & demographics. Better stats The outbound way • Blind marketing, broadcasting, 1- way, expensive, high COCA, no real message across • Hard to track ROI, open rate, referrals, rates • “Interruption marketing” • Increasing blocking techniques: Do Not Call, opt-outs, spam filters, TiVo
  15. 15. • Back-end inventory fulfillment, customer records, order/transaction history. • Sending variations of catalogs & print media (A/B testing to test effectiveness). Each may have individualized codes or offers or based on their category – send Men’s or Women’s version. • Knowing date frequencies to send catalogs (determining how active a subscriber is… reducing frequency) You’re already doing it!
  16. 16. Tailor emails & content optimized for them. Better marketing. Connect with Salesforce for records & track their history.
  17. 17. Twitter lead cards Built-in lead gen & CTA Zarrella’s project?
  18. 18. Direct visitors to a landing page • Capture visitors’ information (at least an email) since you can then “nurture” them to become leads after getting contact info. • Give them a Call-to-Action and give them reason to fill in the form. Why do they want your catalog? Provide value in exchange… ex: if you’re LL Bean, you may offer a tip sheet for skiing or a winter survival guide. • On postcards, you could point people to a landing page and also track it for clicks vs. conversions.
  19. 19. Social Sharing • Visual is your new friend. • Wanelo Shopping – an app & web-based shopping exploration app. Can “save” or “buy” or share. • The Hunt • Amazon Windowshop – columns for each category you search • Lyst • As seen on… • Pinterest, even JCrew exclusively debuted their Fall catalog campaign on here as a sneak peak for loyal followers. + for Fashion!
  20. 20. Customer service • Offering a variety of methods… • Live Chat • Click-to-call • Email • Video chat now? Pilot program by Lands’ End • Social media page (either separate, or just respond on the same page)
  21. 21. Musts for social • Consistency with your brand imaging (logo, font, colors, background) • 2-way engagement & interaction, having conversation, posting content • Adding purpose and value to all followers (even prospects) who may not buy yet. • Non-promotion. It’s hard! Keep it to an 80/20 rule. 80% non- promotional. • Blog? • Capture email addresses to keep contact/nurture the lead • Visible phone # (Zappos’ success), live chat • Refer a friend strategy • Video descriptions • Behavioral targeting
  22. 22. Optimizing your marketing • Creating e-catalogs like on Zinio so you get a catalog experience, but could click through. • Personalization and better filtering/searching when on website. • Can get analytics, time on page, clicks, interactions had, conversions, keywords, referral sources, performance, optimizing content for individual contacts or lifecycle stages (smart content), mobile, • Relevance based on their history and lifecycle.
  23. 23. E-catalogs • Functionality. Search/ease of use/clickable • No printing cost! • Could use it as a way to expand info and focus catalog on visuals, not words. • Think of Staples’ weekly ad online sneak peek – mouse over to purchase/product page. • Get your catalog into the Google Catalogs app on iPad and tablets. • Just like a real catalog/e-book to swipe for pages and can be made interactive to click through to the product links or to learn more. • Personalized shopping recommendations? Like Zite or Pandora, have a thumbs up/down button that tailors your likes to get to know your tastes better and create a custom magazine or catalog.
  24. 24. Optimizing The Web or Catalogs for Lead Gen or Lead Nurturing? Even brand recognition, loyalty, & awareness are valuable from social, not just all for customer & lead gen. Online marketing have higher conversion rates among Gen C.
  26. 26. IT ALL COMES BACK TO BUYER PERSONAS. What do they want & need from your brand? Value & purpose
  28. 28. Always Be Changing
  29. 29. QUESTIONS? @LaneSutton