UX for Lean Startups Sep 15


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Materials from "UX for Lean Startups" at Cross Campus, September 15, 2012.
UPDATE Sep 16 - added video URLs to slides.

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UX for Lean Startups Sep 15

  1. Crushing the Boulder User Experience for Lean Startups
  2. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  3. Tweet%it!% @thinknow% Lane%Halley% www.lanehalley.com%LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  4. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  5. Lean%Design%&% Agile%Development%% for%Web%&%Mobile%LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  6. Today we’ll cover... 1. Lean UX Fundamentals 2. Get to know your customer 3. Brainstorm ideas for product uses 4. Measuring successLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  7. Part 1: Lean UX Fundamentals What is Lean Startup? What is UX? What is Lean UX?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  8. Lean Startup?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  9. Lean Startup is NOT Cheap Startup Shortcut Startup Fast StartupLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  10. Lean Startup is NOT Low-AmbitionLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  12. Get out of the building!LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  13. Steve Blank introduced “Customer Development” in...um...2006.LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  14. In 2010, Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovitz wrote a shorter, more useful book.LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  15. People, their goals & needs Sketches and prototypes “New user” experiences CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT = UX!?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  16. About 1,720,000 resultsLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  17. Here’s a distillation... “Customer Development in 1 Page”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  18. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  19. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  20. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  21. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  22. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  23. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  24. + + make products incremental reduce waste customers want releasesLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  25. #2 New York Times BestsellerLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  26. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  27. UX Cycles THINK Generative Research Ideation Mental models Behavior Models Test Results Competitive Analysis Reduce cyc time, n le MAKE o build ti t me Prototypes Wireframes Value Prop Landing Page Hypotheses Comps Deployed Code CHECK A/B Testing Site Analytics Usability Testing Funnel Sign-upsLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  28. UX > UILUXR.CO SEP 2012
  29. Users 1. BLAH why Needs 2. BLAH 3. BLAH what how (INSERT BUSINESS THINKING HERE) Bob can... Uses Features (CREATE SKETCHES, WIREFRAMES & PIXELS) This Week User Stories Themed ReleasesLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  30. What is “Lean UX?”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  31. Small, frequent corrections Un(validated% assump1ons% RISK% % (design%debt)% Time%LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  32. The LEAN principle: reduce INVENTORY, RISK, and WASTE Nobody Like this... clicked. ) ) Make a design Discover that it decision 3 months wasn’t right 3 hoursLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  33. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  34. How can we increase conversion?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  35. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  36. LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  37. Slightly Twice as Original better goodLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  38. (Activity) Clothespin Man! http://youtu.be/Mljue6plk1wLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  39. Part 2: Getting to Know Your Customers (Customer Development Interviews) Types of Research Personas How to Interview Practice InterviewLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  40. User Research quant qual • Contextual Inquiry (Byer & Holzblatt) • Mental Models (Indi Young) Generative surveys •Interviews •Starbucks Optimizely• •Hallway usability Analytics• •remote Evaluative A/B Testing• Usability Key Metrics•LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  41. User Research quant qual Generative Interviews EvaluativeLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  42. Interview preparation * Articulate your hypotheses. * Identify who you want to talk to. * Craft a topic map for the session. * Jot down conversation prompts.LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  43. Business Problem * There’s too much to do, and not enough time * Your neighbors have the same problem * You read a Huffington Post article “Personal Assistants for the Middle Class.”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  44. Hypothesis We believe that modern families have trouble keeping up with the errands that need to be done, and are willing to pay to have “odd jobs” done for them.LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  45. Example persona “Mary” Demographics • Working mom • 34 years old • Lives in Chicago • Married, 2 kids • Household $125k/yr Behaviors Needs & Goals • Help! Running errands, • House cleaner 2x week managing kids, keeping things • Orders take out 3 nights/wk running • Often forgets to do things, • Time for her girlfriends feels bad about it. • To feel like she “has it sorted” • “To clone herself”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  46. (Activity) Create a personaLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  47. (Activity) Dump and Sort TopicsLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  48. Conversation Prompts “Have you ever had ________ experience?” “Can you tell me the story about that?” “And then what happened?” “Why [or how] did you do that?” “What did you love [or hate] about that?” “If you could wave a magic wand, what would it be like?”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  49. (Activity) Make a Topic MapLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  50. During the Interview DO Take notes Smile Ask open-ended questions Get their story Shut up and listen DON’T Talk about your product Ask about future behavior Sell Ask leading questions Talk muchLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  51. (Activity) InterviewLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  52. After the Interview: Debrief DUMP (5min, solo) 1 idea per sticky “What I heard” “What I saw” “What stood out” SORT (10min, team) Collect similar items Label groups Stack duplicates Note trends and exceptionsLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  53. (Activity) DebriefLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  54. (Activity) Revise PersonasLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  55. Remember this? Users 1. BLAH why Needs 2. BLAH 3. BLAH what how (INSERT BUSINESS THINKING HERE) Bob can... Uses Features (CREATE SKETCHES, WIREFRAMES & PIXELS) This Week User Stories Themed ReleasesLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  56. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH A person BLAH BLAH and their needs Your business vision why what howLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  57. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH A person BLAH BLAH and their needs Your business vision why what howLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  58. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH A person BLAH BLAH and their needs Your business vision why USES: what What can how Mary do with your product?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  59. Part 3: Acting on Customer Needs (Developing product and interface ideas) 6-up Dot Vote Sticky Up FeaturesLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  60. (Activity) Foodspotting Video change-generation-how-alexa-andrzejewski-started.mp4LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  61. With%foodspo+ng,%you%can:% •  Sa5sfy%your%cravings% •  Detect%when%foods%are%nearby% •  Find%out%what%any%food%is%or%looks%like% •  Become%a%foodspoAer% •  Compete%with%other%foodspoAers% •  Create%and%join%scavenger%hunts% •  Build%your%personal%food%journal% •  Record%and%compare%taste%experiences% •  Discover%new%foods% Credit:%Alexa%Andrzejewski,%Founder,%Foodspo5ng%LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  62. (Activity) Return of Clothespin Man! http://youtu.be/5eCPPWosCWw http://youtu.be/RufgP48ZwUwLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  63. (Activities) 6-up Dot Vote Sticky Up FeaturesLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  64. Part 4: Measuring Outcomes (Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation) Design test / Hypothesis Evaluating designLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  65. Common questions Why won’t people use it? What’s wrong with this? How could I make this better? How can I improve conversion? Are we making progress? Do people like this? Are these results good? Why do people do that? Did we do the right thing? Why is there dropoff?LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  66. User Research quantitative qualitative generate surveys user interviews ideas a/b testing evaluate analytics usability testing product KPIsLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  67. quantitative qualitative a/b testing usability analytics testing KPIs Behavior Ability Do people use it? How should I design the new one? Which is better? Why won’t people use it? Did we do the right thing? What’s wrong with this? Are these results good? How could I make this better? Are we making progress? Why do people do that? What do people love about it? CLOSED-ENDED QUESTIONS How can I improve conversion? Why is there dropoff? What do they think this should do? OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONSLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  68. Research Tools ANALYTICS CONVERSION UNMODERATED TESTING TESTS WITH VIDEO Google Analytics KISS Metrics Unbounce Usertesting.com Mixpanel Optimizely TryMyUI Flurry Userlytics LocalLytics WhatUsersDo Stats Mix (just an api) Loop11 HEAT MAPPING MESSAGE RECALL MICRO USABILITY Crazy Egg ClueApp Click Tale FiveSecondTest Navflow Gaze Hawk Usabilia Clicktest Verify Intuition HQ UserZoomLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  69. Measurement What Metric? Who Owns? Traffic Gross # Marketing (e.g. CPC) Conversion Funnel Marketing & Throughput (%) Product Product (black box) Usage (%) ProductLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  70. What should I be measuring? (a few search terms) “Vanity Metrics” “KPI” “A/B Tests” “Metrics for Pirates”LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  71. Pirate Metrics Acquisition Activation Retention Referral RevenueLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  72. Design Test / Hypothesis We believe that people like ______________ have a (customer type) need for (or problems doing) ________________, (need/action/behavior) which can be satisfied by ________________. (proposed solution) We will know we have succeeded when ____________________, or ___________________, (quantitative/measurable outcome) (qualitative/observable outcome) which contributes to ___________________. (KPI)LUXR.CO SEP 2012
  73. (Activity) Write a design testLUXR.CO SEP 2012
  74. Thank you! Lane Halley www.carbonfive.com @thinknowLUXR.CO SEP 2012