Quick, Useful UI Sketches

Lane Goldstone
Lane GoldstoneDigital Product Designer at Philosophie Group
Quick, Useful
UI Sketches
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Lane Halley
What’s a sketch?
“A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand
drawing that is not usually intended as
a finished work.”
— Wikipedia
• Record what you see
• Explore ideas quickly
• Demonstrate ideas to others
Why sketch?
Sketches are “sketchy”
Sketching is a
core design skill.
Many kinds of sketches
• Visual recording
• Sketchnotes
• Storyboards
• Concept sketches
• UI sketches
Visual Recording
Sketch by C Todd Lombardo @iamctodd
Concept sketches
UI sketch
Sketch by Ray DeLaPena @rayraydel
UI sketching is a
core skill for
product teams.
“When a designer and PM are out of
sync, it’s because one of them has
gotten ahead of the other in some
way. ...The way to fix this is
deceptively simple: product people
should sketch together. “
— Joshua Porter (@bokardo)
Sketching helps
everyone get on
the same page.
UI sketches help teams
• Explore options quickly
• Externalize thinking
• Share understanding
• Feel ownership
Everyone can draw.
Be fearless!
Your supplies
• Pencil (eraser & sharpener)
• Paper (plain or grid)
• Timer (for the exercises)
Basic concepts
• The pencil is powerful!
• Primitives
• Container and grid
• Functional groupings
• Your personal visual shorthand
The pencil has great dynamic
range. Your lines can be faint
or strong. Thick or thin.
You can draw almost
anything using basic shape
primitives (circle, square,
line, squiggle)
12 column grid
functional groupings
Visual shorthand
Sketch by Chris Risdon @chrisrisdon
Reverse wireframing
• Quickly sketch an existing interface
• See and understand UIs better
• Develop sketching skills in isolation
from solving design problems
Warm-up time.
Let’s draw some shapes.
• Draw a page of squares
• Draw a page of circles
• Draw a page of short parallel lines
Get your pencils ready!
Reverse wireframe sketches
30-seconds each.
Tip: Work from the outside in
• Draw the outside box first
• Create guides or a grid
• Place large elements first
• Add details and emphasis last
Here’s exercise #1
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Tip: Plan your sketch
• Aspect ratio
• Grid or columns
• Functional groupings
Basic vocabulary
How will you quickly draw
• Headings (big, medium, small)
• Body copy
• Images
• Buttons and links
Use your new vocabulary
to sketch exercise #2
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Now you’re warmed up
Do three in a row!
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Extended vocabulary
How will you quickly draw
• Text input & label
• Combo box
• Checkboxes & radio buttons
• Scrollbar
Let’s practice form
elements. Here are three
more screens.
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Title Text
Extra Line
The next one’s tricky, but
you’re ready for it!
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Here’s the last one.
Focus on the structure.
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Keep sketching and you’ll
continue to improve.
Further vocabulary
• Accordion
• Carousel
• Media player
• And ...?
Here are some of the
ways I use sketching.
Talking sketch
Show and discuss alternatives
Designer / developer pairing
Wireframe walkthrough
How do you use UI sketches?
Share your photos with us!
A few books that have
inspired me.
Quick, Useful UI Sketches
Thank you!
Carbon Five
Lean UX & Agile
Development for Web
and mobile products
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Quick, Useful UI Sketches