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LUXi NYC Intro to Customer Development


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Morning deck from Sunday July 10 (day 2)
Lean UX intensive, NYC at @pivotalnyc

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LUXi NYC Intro to Customer Development

  1. 1. CUSTOMER  DEVELOPMENT   Lean  UX  Intensive  (LUXi)   Pivotal  Labs  NYC   July  9-­‐10,  2011  
  2. 2. GeHng  out  of  the  building  “Customer  Development  is  the  process  of  how  you  get  out  of  the  building  and  search  for  the  model.  Customer  Development  is  designed  so  that  you  the  founder(s)  gather  first  hand  experience  about  customer  and  market  needs.”,  5/13/2010   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   2   3.0  United  States  
  3. 3. In  other  words…  “Go  speak  (in  person  if  possible)  with  living,  breathing  customers  to  determine  the  validity  of  your  assumpons.”  “The  Entrepreneurs  Guide  to  Customer  Development,”  Cooper  &  Vlaskovits   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   3   3.0  United  States  
  4. 4. What  assumpons  are  we  making?     Who  is  the  user?  Who  is  the  customer?     Where  does  our  product  fit  in  their  work  or  life?     What  problems  does  our  product  solve?     When  and  how  is  our  product  used?     What  features  are  important?     How  should  our  product  look  and  behave?   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   4   3.0  United  States  
  5. 5. What’s  a  user?  “There  are  only  two  industries  that  refer  to  their  customers  as  ‘users’:  computer  design  and  drug  dealing.”    Edward  Tuhe   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   5   3.0  United  States  
  6. 6. What’s  a  user?  User  =  “person  who  uses  the  product”     Consumer  products,  customer  =  user     Enterprise  products,  customer  ≠  user   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   6   3.0  United  States  
  7. 7. Why  don’t  we  talk  to  users?     We’re  users     We  know  a  lot  of  users       We’re  smarter  than  our  users     We’ve  got  a  lot  of  other  important  things  to  do     Users  don’t  want  to  be  bothered     We  don’t  know  how  to  talk  to  users     We  fear  rejecon  ;(   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   7   3.0  United  States  
  8. 8. Remember,  it  starts  with  you!  People  who  are  good  at  Customer  Discovery  know  how  to:   • Put  themselves  in  the  customers’  shoes   • Understand  the  problems  they  have   • Listen  well  (less  talking!)   • Understand  what  you  hear  (not  what  you  want  to  hear)   • Deal  with  constant  change    Paraphrased  from  “ The  Four  Steps  to  the  Epiphany”   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   8   3.0  United  States  
  9. 9. The  eight  steps  to  Customer  Discovery    Document  Customer-­‐Problem-­‐Soluon  Hypothesis           Brainstorm  Business  Model  Hypothesis   Find  Prospects  to  talk  to    Reach  out  to  prospects     Engage  prospects      Phase  Gate  I  Compile  |  Measure  |  Test           Problem-­‐Soluon  Fit/MVP           Phase  Gate  II  Compile  |  Measure  |  Test  “The  Entrepreneurs  Guide  to  Customer  Development,”  Cooper  &  Vlaskovits   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   9   3.0  United  States  
  10. 10. Lean  UX  supports  the  middle  four  steps           Document  Customer-­‐Problem-­‐Soluon  Hypothesis           Brainstorm  Business  Model  Hypothesis   ✓ Find  Prospects  to  talk  to   ✓ Reach  out  to  prospects   ✓ Engage  prospects   ✓    Phase  Gate  I  Compile  |  Measure  |  Test           Problem-­‐Soluon  Fit/MVP           Phase  Gate  II  Compile  |  Measure  |  Test  “The  Entrepreneurs  Guide  to  Customer  Development,”  Cooper  &  Vlaskovits   License:  Creave  Commons  A^ribuon-­‐Share  Alike   10   3.0  United  States