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Creative Capital Presentation


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Creative Capital Presentation

  1. 1. The Road to Music 2.0 Presentation by Gerd Leonhard
  2. 2. Total fragmentation is certain - very few models will work for everyone!
  3. 3. A new social contract....
  4. 4. Let’s face it: We’ve had a great ride with physical media and Productized Content - but these days are the past.
  5. 5. The challenge: Creating New Models! Content Consumption (all) Revenue Potential Success with Traditional Content Models Was Is 2 years 5 years
  6. 6. A jointly defined, new model Governments Advertisers Telecoms Search & Brands Engines & WebCo’s Device Makers & CE Content Owners Co’s Social Networks
  7. 7. Next Generation ‘Advertising’ New Content New Data Economy Economy
  8. 8. Our new reality: Use = Copy
  9. 9. = =
  10. 10. We are living in an age of Attention Challenge - Distribution is now just a default Image via
  11. 11. In: Brand Magnetism
  12. 12. Decentralization. Pull. Merit. Trust.
  13. 13. Asia is teaching us something
  14. 14. Google & Free Music in China • Free / Feels Like Free Music for China! • Unlimited, unprotected downloads • Paid with Attention, $-ized via Ads • In China, little ‘cannibalization’ concerns • Google is willing to ‘lubricate’ • Industry willing because: China is ‘lost’ for traditional Copyright
  15. 15. A Trillion $ USD Marketing & Advertising Spend will support a lot of ‘free’ content
  16. 16. A global shift - everywhere Egosystem: My stuff. My ideas. My partners. My distribution. My customers. My money. ECOsystem: Our stuff. Our creations. Our distribution. Our users. Our revenues. Our sharing. Our growth.
  17. 17. One of the very few places where this still works
  18. 18. A Culture of APIs: Build yours on mine
  19. 19. Marketing as we know is dead Instead:
  20. 20. The Browser is the new iPod Forrester Research: quot;Increased adoption of mobile data packages and of connected, dedicated portable media players like the iPod Touch are giving consumers on-the- go access to previously PC-tethered streaming experiences... Ownership becomes less important if the songs you want are available on demand and on the go.quot;
  21. 21. What IS the value of Content? • Quickly changing ways of consumption • Steep premiums for anything physical! • Good electronic UI / UX finally becomes feasible
  22. 22. •Free = nobody pays actual $ anywhere •Feels Like Free = the payment is bundled, or hidden, or absorbed somewhere else, or build-in; but: no individual payment decision is required everytime •Freemium = all users get a strong value free of charge, but a certain percentage select to buy a premium offer beyond the free level •3rd party pays: someone else pays for my usage because they want access to me (and my data)
  23. 23. Monetizing
  24. 24. Quality of Access and Experience, Filtering, Context, Community, Packaging, Relevance, Timeliness, Authenticity.... The New Generatives *read
  25. 25. New Generatives: Packaging
  26. 26. New Generatives: Timeliness
  27. 27. New Generatives: Direct Relationships
  28. 28. New Generatives: Added values
  29. 29. New Generatives: Convenience
  30. 30. New Generatives: Filtering & Curation
  31. 31. ‘New Money’ Examples
  32. 32. Thanks for listening! ! email me at ! ! facebook: gleonhard ! more presentations at