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Lia conference establish a market.dean herald


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Lia conference establish a market.dean herald

  1. 1. Create an Image Create a Brand
  2. 2. Who are you in the market place? Design Construction Maintenance Residential Commercial Special niche
  3. 3. Is that message clear to your potential customers? Advertising Website Company image Associations with other companies Company culture How are you communicating this message to the market?
  4. 4. What is your company image? Logo.....let it evolve Uniforms Sign writing Site signs Web site Email signature Quotation presentation material Does it reflect the market you are aiming for?
  5. 5. Evolve your image to suit market if it turns. Example #1: Pre GFC print ad.
  6. 6. Evolve your image to suit market if it turns. Example #2: Post GFC print ad.
  7. 7. A brand communicates your market and image without saying so. Advertising Editorial Tag Line to Your Logo TV Opportunities Social Media Brand Association Garden Shows / Home Shows Tools to assist in building your brand:
  8. 8. Advertising Print Media Web advertising
  9. 9. Editorial Media connections......have a story to tell. Photography......critically important, invest in this.
  10. 10. Tag Line to Your Logo “Resort style living for prestigious properties” “Experience, service and value is our difference” Landscape Solutions: “We get the job done”
  11. 11. TV Opportunities Build relationships Be ready for opportunities Be prepared for the good and the bad of TV experiences
  12. 12. Social Media Facebook Twitter
  13. 13. Brand Association Join with other brands who are where you want to be. Link in with material suppliers who operate in a market that you are aiming for.
  14. 14. Garden Shows / Home Shows Opportunity to be the client and communicate your market, image and brand. Media opportunities.  aware of the costs and confirm if it is worth spending for your situation.