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A solution to the skill-gap problem: ImmaBe


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This short presentation of the project ImmaBe will cover: its background, the problem it is trying to solve, its design, a demo, how it makes the difference and how to join us.

Published in: Education
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A solution to the skill-gap problem: ImmaBe

  1. 1. Presented by Landry Kouajiep No.1
  2. 2.  Background  The problem  The solution  What is ImmaBe?  Sample Illustration  How are we different from the competitors?  How it works  Q&A
  3. 3. ANSWER: Because job recruiters believe more in somebody who knows your true skills rather than believing in your resume. QUESTION: Why do you think most jobs are obtained through referral ?
  4. 4. 1st problem to tackle: recruiting quality
  5. 5. • Market become so competitive that hands-on technical experience has become unavoidable • But how do you give that experience to about 6,000 novice students at the same time when resources are limited*? The most popular complaints: “The college’s knowledge is too theoretical” “Uncertainty of my degree's value on the actual market” (sociology, history, arts,…) 2nd problem to tackle: career preparation
  6. 6. •The students will practice their skills to be the perfect candidates for the recruiters. •The recruiters will get the trusted and accurate information about the student’s skills. Academic world Professional world
  7. 7. ImmaBe is a program designed to fill the skill gap concern by serving as a platform that bridges the core facets of the labor ecosystem. The facets we cover are:  Schools and tutoring/learning centers  Recruiting services and companies  (Independent) Groups of people
  8. 8. In each facet, ImmaBe plays a systematic role: For… ImmaBe is.. Schools and tutoring/learning centers An e-learning system Companies and recruiting services An e-recruiting system (Independent) Groups of people A question-and-answer system
  9. 9.  Now, for the consistency of the data collection and processing, we built the core functioning of each of these 3 facets around problems tagged with skills.
  10. 10.  An exercise you post in assignments/ homework/quizzes/exams must be tagged with the skills that the student will be trained in by solving the exercise.
  11. 11.  An evaluation question for a job candidate must be tagged with the job skills required to solve that question.
  12. 12.  A problem you shared with your peers must be tagged with the skills related to the problem.
  13. 13. Problem title Problem content Tagged skills
  14. 14. Problem title Problem content Tagged skills
  15. 15. Miscellaneous  Problems can be set as invisible or assigned credit rewards  Credits can be used to unlock more features or earn money  User can attach files to a problem  User can address the problem to a specific audience  User can create and configure lists of problems  User can transfer his data to another user
  16. 16. 1.) In e-learning  We refer your skill data to recruiters  We offer exclusive unique features at affordable prices  We have developed an algorithm to transform your skill data into a career path
  17. 17. 2.) In e-recruiting  We refer you more accurate skill data of the job candidate (especially if the job candidate is from a school or a tutoring/learning center that uses ImmaBe)  We offer exclusive unique features at affordable prices
  18. 18. 3.) In question-and-answer  We refer your skill data to recruiters  Schools can use the platform to know more about your skill level (because we all know that the GPA is not a perfect reliable metric for intelligence)  We offer exclusive unique features at affordable prices
  19. 19. If you are a single user,  You register at and you are all set  By default, your account is under the care of ImmaBe
  20. 20. If you are a potential partner,  Go to and choose your position in the labor ecosystem (i.e select a partnership type)  Then you apply for a partnership with us
  21. 21.  Once your application is approved, you will receive an active partner license, and an exclusive copy of ImmaBe that you can install in your network; or you can use the internet version.  Your data can be viewed and managed from one of our apps that is available only in the internet version of ImmaBe.  Furthermore, you can choose to have your data stored at our internet storage or in your local network (if you choose a local data storage, a firewall rule is required to give us access to read the data).
  22. 22.  For more information, please visit  For any questions,  You can text us at 614-813-3541 ( WhatsApp / Viber / SMS)  You can tweet @ImmaBe_kanel  To report any problem with the presentation, write us at Thank You 