Allison Page, Taking Forward Successful Elements of PFI Contracts in the Future


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Allison has specialised in advising on UK PFI and PPP transactions across a number of sectors (for the public sector, funders or consortia) since 1997. She is the head of a specialist highways maintenance and street lighting team at DLA Piper UK LLP. She advised Birmingham City Council, Sheffield City Council and Isle of Wight Council on their highways maintenance PFI projects and has extensive experience advising procuring authorities, sponsors and funders on roads and street lighting projects.
Allison also has significant expertise in the waste sector having advised on a number of the earliest waste management PPPs, including Hereford & Worcestershire, Brighton & Hove and Lancashire, and more recently on the Suffolk Waste PFI, Wakefield Waste PFI, North Yorkshire Waste PFI, Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham Waste PFI, Leeds City Council's Waste PFI and the Bradford and Calderdale Waste Treatment PFI.
Allison is a member of the Environmental Services Association, the trade association for companies providing waste management and associated environmental services.

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  • Allison Page, Taking Forward Successful Elements of PFI Contracts in the Future

    1. 1. The Future of Local Transport Delivery: Birmingham road show Birmingham Council House, 27 September 2011
    2. 2. Taking Forward SuccessfulElements of PFI Contractsin the FutureTuesday 27th September 2011 Allison Page, Partner DLA Piper UK LLP
    3. 3. Introduction How We Structured the Contract Key provisions  understanding the Condition of the Network  Surveys and Inspections regime  Service Provider Programmes  Preparing for and managing Change  Handing the Network BackInsert filename here Date of presentation
    4. 4. Surveys and Inspections Based on the Codes of Practice:  what do we use these provisions for?  understanding the condition of the Network  confidence that the Service Provider Programmes reflect maintenance requirements  maintaining s58 defence  enabling the Authority to run the NCI calculation methodologyInsert filename here Date of presentation
    5. 5. Surveys and Inspections Safety and Service Inspections and Strategies Condition surveys  Deflectograph  DVI Skid Resistance Surveys and Strategies Electrical safety inspections Bridges  PIs, GIs and Special InspectionInsert filename here Date of presentation
    6. 6. Service Provider Programmes Consultation and Co-ordination  Council  Constituency Committees  Statutory Undertakers  Affected members of the publicInsert filename here Date of presentation
    7. 7. Change Management How do we anticipate and manage change on a live Network?  Maintainability assessment  Highways works Authority works  Accruals  ChangeInsert filename here Date of presentation
    8. 8. Change Management Maintainability Assessment  Cradle to Grave approach  Service Provider notified about relevant planning applications  consider impact on interface with Network  health and safety, geometry, design, layout  New Works Notice  do the proposed project network parts meet the service provider assumptions or output specification  Service Provider Assumptions?Insert filename here Date of presentation
    9. 9. Change Management Maintainability Assessment – the Process  Site Meetings  Inspections  Does the work meet the OS standards  net effect on Unitary Charge  managing disputesInsert filename here Date of presentation
    10. 10. Change Management Highways WorksAuthority (HWA) Small/medium/major HWA Impact of Maintainability Assessment Impact on Service Providers obligations DRP – keep calm and carry on ! What if the HWA doesnt meet the PFI contract requirements Adjustment to the Unitary ChargeInsert filename here Date of presentation
    11. 11. Change Management Accruals or de-accruals of Project Network Parts What does this mean? Why do we need it? How does it work?Insert filename here Date of presentation
    12. 12. Change Management When do we use Change and not Accruals? Low Value Change Medium Value Change High Value ChangeInsert filename here Date of presentation
    13. 13. Handback How do we manage the process?  structures  carriageway and footways  street lights Retaining money  what money is retained?  when do we pay back the retention?Insert filename here Date of presentation