Thems Big Crickets


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An eventful day, to say the least XD.

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Thems Big Crickets

  1. 1. Thems Big Crickets &gt;.&gt;<br />Story by: Ian Morgan and Landon Leadbetter<br />Written By: Ian Morgan<br />
  2. 2. Intro<br />This is the story about Landon and my adventure getting new tarantulas for Landon&apos;s collection. His mom didn&apos;t want him to get any more last time he got T&apos;s, but he said, &quot;pffft, nawww.&quot; So we went to get more.<br />The plan was to go buy crickets and to scurry to Landon&apos;s room with the T&apos;s and we joked around quite heavily at the notion of his mom noticing the T&apos;s, mostly &apos;cause the only thing we could do to cover our asses would be &quot;0.0 nawww, dude... dem&apos;s big ass crickets. they crickets...&quot; So the plan was to get them in new enclosures A.S.A.P. and then his mom wouldn&apos;t know any different about if he got new T&apos;s.<br />
  3. 3. At the Pet Store<br />We get to the pet shop and they have quite a large selection of T&apos;s. There&apos;s a whole bunch lined up but a few catch Landon&apos;s eyes. There&apos;s one labeled as a &quot;thai tiger&quot; and the &quot;red usumbura baboon&quot; the guy opens up the glass encasement, gets the containers with the T&apos;s in them. Landon decides to get the baboon, even though they&apos;re hellaaggresive. the guy then asks if landon still wants to see the Thai Tiger, he says yeah and as it&apos;s lifted, it strikes the plastic container. all 3 of us go 0_0. and Landon, this muthafucka decides he&apos;s gonna get that one.<br />When we were still in the pet store, Landon noticed something in the tiger&apos;s container. He says &quot;Dude, i think there&apos;s an eggsac in there.&quot; eggsacs = eggs = babies = sell for monies. so he&apos;s totally decided on it now. the people working there hadn&apos;t noticed the sac, otherwise it would have cost more money. We go to the cashier, we get crickets as well, all of the purchases are put in a paper bag, and we leave. don&apos;t worry, they&apos;re all in their own tiny little plastic containers.<br />
  4. 4. Thai Tiger Eggs in Incubator<br />When I opened that sac, there were about 61 eggs, gradually they’ve been dying off…this is how many are left as of 2/6/2010. T.T The sac wasn’t very fertile apparently. <br />
  5. 5. On the Way Home<br />Landon doesn&apos;t have enough enclosures for the new T&apos;s so we gotta go get supplies so we can make them. We got to walmart and the entire time we&apos;re driving there we hear &quot;plonk...plonk....PLONK PLONK&quot; It&apos;s one of the T&apos;s hitting their temp containers. we both go &quot;0.0 daaaaamn....&quot;<br />The buying and making of the enclosures isn&apos;t so interesting, so i&apos;ll skip it for the most part. although there is a couple lolz.<br />
  6. 6. Back at Landon’s House<br />We get home, and landon&apos;s mom is in the living room which is where the front door opens into. we&apos;re both like &quot;0.0 wassup...&quot; and then we scurry into landon&apos;s room. we take the T&apos;s out of the paper bag and we put them on landon&apos;s tables which we had just made the same morning. yeah, we made tables, big woopwanna fight about it? but that&apos;s a totally different story. anyway, halfway through making the enclosures, Landon&apos;s mom walks in. we both go &quot;0.0&quot; and the mom asks some questions about the tables and leaves. she hadn&apos;t noticed the new T&apos;s ON the tables.<br />now I&apos;ll just skip to when we tried to transfer the spiders into their new enclosures.<br />
  7. 7. The Transfer<br />We decided to do this in the bathroom &apos;cause if you put the spiders in the bath tub, they won&apos;t be able to climb out. or so we friggin thought. i should also bring up the fact that the usambura baboon has another name. a name that is very common in the hobby. the name is OBT aka Orange bitey thing. that&apos;s right, it&apos;s ornery as fuck. but we knew that when he bought it, so it&apos;s not a surprise. we put the enclosure in the bathtub, we close the door, and we then gingerly take the small plastic container with the OBT in it and place it inside the enclosure. the enclosure has a lid and a locking mechanism on the lid. the plan was, to open the lid of the plastic container, close the lid and lock it, and then let the OBT come out on it&apos;s own, and then we&apos;d retrieve the plastic container later. but it HELLA didn&apos;t turn out that way.<br />We take the lid off, the OBT bolts. i could just hear the T go &quot;FUCK DAT! I AIN&apos;T YO PET, DAWG. I GETTING DA HELL OUTTA HERE.&quot; It runs out of the enclosure . landon and i both are silent and we probably were about to poop ourselves. now it&apos;s in the bathtub. we try to get it to go back in it&apos;s container so we can get it in it&apos;s enclosure, but that&apos;s not happening. lemme tell you, this mother fucker is fast as hell.<br />
  8. 8. The Transfer Continued…<br />Before we can do much more than stare the thing is climbing the bath tub wall like it&apos;s nothing and now it&apos;s climbing the wall. it got to the corner of the wall and the ceiling and decided to go for the door. we&apos;re just like &quot;0____0&quot; &apos;cause we both are sure as hell not gonna grab that thing with our bare hands. remember the door is closed. the OBT just stopped at the corner of the first wall, the ceiling, and the wall with the door.<br />This guy is not gonna budge either. we tried blowing on him and it didn&apos;t move him. Landon decided to go get a cup and was like &quot;maybe, you know, we should shoot it with water...&quot; &apos;cause he has a squirt bottle for misting his other enclosures. i&apos;m like &quot;aight...&quot; and landon opens the door and leaves, closing the door behind him. now it&apos;s just me at the spider, staring at each other.<br />me o.o<br />obt &gt;:E<br />me 0.o<br />obt &gt;:E<br />
  9. 9. The Transfer Continued…<br />Landon comes back with a cup and the squirt bottle. and the tarantula is determined to not move. Landon gives me the cup and he&apos;s gonna squirt it. how&apos;d i get put in the bogus job? i&apos;unno, it just happened.<br />my job is to catch the spider with the cup as Landon mists it with the squirt gun, but the misting has no effect. Landon then turns the nozzle to shoot a more concentrated water jet. this gets the spider moving, but not fast. i could just hear the spider go &quot;hey! dat&apos;smah butt! aw, man! it&apos;s all wet! why&apos;s my butt all wet? fuck dis&quot; the T then walks at a slow pace until it climbs into the cup. at which point we put the cup in the enclosure and close the lid.<br />Landon says, &quot;naw, spider, you can have that cup... i don&apos;t need it.&quot;<br />That&apos;s when we moved on to trying to get the Thai Tiger into it&apos;s enclosure. you know, the one that keeps trying to fuck up it&apos;s container.<br />To be continued.<br />
  10. 10. A Look At the OBT’s Escape<br />